The 99 Problems Every 20-Something Has To Deal With

by Paul Hudson

Millennials have a ton of problems. Some of the problems are found in outside environments; others are introspective. Regardless, all Millennials lead lives filled with issues -- problems that can be changed or fixed. Of course, this is not to say that only Millennials have problems.

That’s clearly not true. But our set of problems is unique because we are unique -- not wholly in a good way, either.

As all generations before us, and surely after us, we have our strengths and our weaknesses -- all of which are either the cause or the problem itself.

Here are 99 of those problems. I’d give you an even hundred… but I have my own problems that need attending to.

1. We’re not Jay Z. We have 99 problems and girl/boy problems are definitely number one.

2. Money problems.

3. Roommates suck.

4. Credit card debt.

5. Other debt we didn’t know existed until we had it.

6. Parents who don’t understand us.

7. Friends who don’t support us.

8. Having rent to pay every month.

9. Hating our jobs.

10. …Being unable to find a better job.

11. Deciding whether or not to go back to school because we can’t find jobs.

12. Hangovers.

13. Trying to stay trendy.

14. Not realizing that being trendy is pointless... and expensive.

15. Not knowing what’s going on in the world.

16. ...Knowing Kanye’s shoe size despite not knowing what's going on in the world.

17. Not being able to eat healthy because it’s too expensive.

18. Finding a soul mate.

19. Thinking that finding a soul mate is the best use of our time.

20. Not knowing ourselves well enough.

21. All our bad habits. (You know you have them.)

22. Thinking we know it all.

23. Not understanding that in the grand scheme of things, we don’t know sh*t.

24. Spending too much time on Facebook.

25. Not getting enough exercise.

26. Playing video games until we literally can’t see.

27. Pulling an all-nighter and then regretting it in the morning.

28. Using beer goggles to make poor decisions.

29. The walk of shame.

30. Deciding which tattoo to get -- aka which one we will regret the least in 20 years.

31. Not listening to others.

32. Feeling privileged.

33. Being unable to empathize.

34. Using sympathy as a way to insult people.

35. Being opinionated on subjects we know nothing about.

36. Trolling everyone who speaks their mind.

37. Not realizing that most EDM music and Dubstep are complete crap.

38. Not reading enough.

39. Watching reality TV (while ignoring reality).

40. Complaining about everything and anything.

41. Being too picky.

42. Being too stubborn.

43. Being close-minded, but thinking we're open-minded.

44. Having to tell a partner it’s not going to work out.

45. Trying to figure out if we should be the first to say “I love you.”

46. Having to tell a partner we don’t love him or her anymore.

47. Keeping it in our pants -- generally speaking for both genders.

48. Music festivals.

49. Tanning beds.

50. Paying for the label.

51. Buying sh*t we don’t need.

52. Not donating. (If you don’t have money, you surely have time.)

53. Bringing the wrong people into our lives.

54. …Allowing those wrong people to remain part of our lives.

55. Allowing others to make decisions for us.

56. Not speaking up.

57. Being afraid of greatness.

58. Pretending like we’re braver than we are, and believing it.

59. Being too proud to ask for help when we need it.

60. Not being considerate of others.

61. Thinking the world revolves around us.

62. Lying for the hell of it.

63. Having sex with all the wrong people.

64. Not being able to find a suitable mentor or role model.

65. Not being in love with learning.

66. Not bothering to educate ourselves after snatching that diploma.

67. Thinking "YOLO" is short for “do something crazy and hope you don’t die.”

68. Thinking molly is a great drug.

69. Thinking too highly of ourselves.

70. Letting the opinions of others influence us deeply.

71. Allowing ourselves to be wounded by careless, hurtful people.

72. ...Expecting those people to change their ways.

73. Not accepting the fact that manipulation is important if we wish to succeed.

74. Spending our time foolishly.

75. Never slowing down... Because we're afraid life itself is boring?

76. Not traveling enough and experiencing other cultures.

77. Not giving a damn -- about anything.

78. Being environmentally friendly as a fad.

79. Posting stupid sh*t on YouTube. (Most of us already know you’re stupid; don’t need to prove yourself again.)

80. Smoking too much.

81. Bullying people. We all do it, even if we don’t realize it.

82. Not saving money because we think there is no way possible that we can.

83. Not dancing enough. I’m not talking about raving. I mean actually dancing.

84. Forgetting about the concept of courtship.

85. Most one-night stands.

86. Doing things without a purpose.

87. Not thinking before acting.

88. Not spending more time with our families.

89. Not telling those that we love, that we love them.

90. Not appreciating the little things.

91. Not appreciating the individuals who are most important in our lives.

92. Not spending enough time outdoors.

93. Not living life. Most of us are fooling ourselves into believing we are.

94. Giving up on dreams when the going gets tough.

95. Being very good at coming up with excuses.

96. Being too overloaded with unimportant information to remember the important information.

97. Not writing.

98. Thinking there will always be a tomorrow.

99. Not spending every hour of every day improving ourselves, making ourselves better, stronger, smarter people.

Photo credit: Theo Gosselin, click here to check out his awesome work.