5 Reasons You Should Always Trust Your Gut

by Liz C.

Sometimes in life, you get strong gut feelings about what you should do, where you should go or someone who you meet. A gut reaction is something that is primal and real, although not followed as often as it should be. Gut reactions are some of the most important emotions we possess, but we often tend to ignore them or push them away.

It could be an indication that you should move to a brand new city, or that there might be something more to the person across the bar with whom you just locked eyes or that you are growing out of a friendship. It may be uncomfortable to try and follow these vague signals you feel, but when you start to act on them, you can radically shift your world for the better.

You Can Find Love

While navigating the dating scene jungle, it can be easy to get caught up in the abundance of advice you get from your friends. How many times have you been stuck on a date with a random person your friends thought would be a perfect match for you (and it's like the worst date ever)? If you pay attention to the red flags (why his place is always a mess, why she is so rude to her family, etc.) you can save yourself from a lot of wasted time, effort and negativity. Your gut will steer you to the person with whom you are really supposed to be.

You Can Discover Your Career

By trusting your instincts and taking some work-related risks, you can begin to form a career that will honor your passions, rather than just making ends meet.

You Can Explore The World

So you hate living in a small town? Go. Leave. Get out of there. There is no better time to get out in the world and find the place that fits you the best. This is the best time to go with your gut because there is a part of you that already knows where you belong in this world — or at least the places you need to see before you settle down.

You Can Reach Your Potential

There is no glory in sitting back and letting life happen to you. Ambition is something that is tied to our basic drive as humans and there is no better time than when you are young to chase the things you really want. It takes guts to put yourself out there and try, but the rewards are far greater than the courage it takes to start your journey. Your internal gut feelings will push you in the right direction to be the best individual you can be.

You Can Respect Yourself

If you don't follow your desires, what are you going to follow? If you base your life off the advice that others offer to you, you run the risk of waking up one day and not liking yourself. Your instincts are probably on point, especially when it comes to knowing what you need. If you learn to understand these subtle pulls, you are much more likely to be fulfilled in the long run.

Photo via We Heart It Tumblr