The 100 Signs You Are A Maturing 20-Something

by Ashley Fern

As you get older, the time just seems to be passing faster than ever. You may not even realize it, but you are becoming more mature (hopefully) by the day. Take a second to reflect on the person you were and the person you are now.

Chances are your behaviors are quite different in comparison. When you start taking responsibility for your own actions and prioritizing the big things in life over the "want to" things in life, you are more than on your way to maturity.

Remember it will always be a journey, but the important thing is you are better than the person you were yesterday. You may even be more mature than you think.

Take a look below to see how far you’ve come:

1.You don’t experience FOMO anymore

2. You spend your Sundays going to bridal showers and engagement parties

3. You aren’t hungover on the weekends when you wake up

4. If you’re in a relationship, you have asked yourself: “Can I be with this person forever or do I end it?”

5. You make enough money that you don't have to ask your parents for help

6. You choose wine or a mixed drink over a shot

7. You love spending time with your family

8. You recognize the need for a budget

9. You stopped ordering Seamless and started cooking the majority of your meals

10. You understand what a 401K is

11. You’ve finally embraced being a college alumnus

12. You pay your own car insurance and cell phone bill

13. You understand allocation of funds: utility bills, rent, cable

14. You have replaced your hoodies with sweaters

15. You own more flats than sneakers or heels

16. You hear yourself complaining about how crazy and expensive taxes are

17. You’ve moved on from your entry level job

18. You’ve stopped counting how many years you’re out of college

19. People you don’t know don’t intimidate you anymore

20. You start to prefer phone calls over texting when making plans

21. You go on real dates, you don’t just meet at a bar and sleep together a bunch of nights in a row

22. You’ve given up on overpriced Starbucks

23. You voluntarily make your own doctor appointments

24. You’ve retired the go-to stretchy mini dress

25. You privatize all of your social media accounts

26. You don’t feel pressure to go out every single weekend

27. You have a pretty well established daily routine

28. You’ve stopped feeling obligated to attend certain events

29. You’ve stopped giving a sh*t about what other people think of you

30. You’ve stopped stalking your ex on social media

31. Happy hour on Friday is sufficient enough for a night out

32. You’ve stopped drunk dialing/texting people

33. You’ve figured out how to fully get a grip on your emotions

34. You’ve finally realized that worrying will never change the outcome, so why bother?

35. You start showing up to events at the time they’re actually scheduled for

36. Your job takes precedence over your social life

37. You’ve realized the value of concealing your intentions

38. You finally understand the concept, "less is more"

39. You stopped holding grudges

40. You’ve finally forgiven the person who has hurt you the most

41. The thought of being friends with your ex doesn’t repulse you

42. You’ve stopped feeling guilty for staying in

43. You realized there’s no point in seeking revenge

44. You’ve stopped judging people by their personal appearance but rather by their intellect (or lack thereof)

45. For the ladies: you’ve started using foundation and eye cream

46. You actually realize you need to wash your face before you go to sleep

47. You read/watch the news

48. You’ve realized it’s okay to outgrow people

49. You know the exact date without having to check your calendar

50. You have some sort of planner

51. Being tired feels like an illness

52. You don’t skip breakfast

53. Profanity has essentially been eliminated from your vocabulary

54. You’ve learned to sincerely apologize for your mistakes

55. Your conversations revolve around current events instead of malicious gossip

56. Your priorities have changed

57. You go to the gym for the health benefits not just the aesthetic benefits

58. You start conversations with: “Back in the day…”

59. You end conversations with: ”Those were the good ol’ days”

60. You put your pictures in frames and don't just tape them to the wall

61. You love staying home

62. If you’re in a relationship, you’ve stopped breaking up to just get back together days later

63. You’ve stopped giving into instant gratification

64. You save more of your paycheck than you spend

65. You have the ability to see things from another person’s perspective

66.  You resist the temptation to play the victim

67. You deal with whatever life puts in front of you with gratitude and grace, not with complaints

68. You actually care about building your credit report

69. Nope, still not that mature

70. You realize that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, even if you do not agree with it

71. G-chat is your favorite form of communication

72. You’d rather have a good seat at a concert than be in the pit

73. TV shows that come on at 10 p.m. are too hard to stay up for, thank God for TiVo

74. You pay doctor’s bills on your own

75. You stop focusing on what you don’t have, but rather on what you do have

76. You talk out problems instead of arguing about them

77. You recognize when it’s imperative to hold your tongue

78. You realized how detrimental it is to have expectations of people

79. You’ve had your heart broken and can make sense of it

80. You stop getting repulsed when your friends get engaged

81. You realize money can’t truly buy happiness, at least in the long run

82. You've expanded your vocabulary to include real language and expelled words like "epic," "sick" and "schwasty"

83. You realize you will always be maturing

84. You’ve stopped biting your nails

85. You drink more water than vodka

Britney Moore 

86. You finally know how to pack for a weekend getaway without over packing

87. You see your ex with his or her new partner and it doesn’t bother you

88. You’re comfortable traveling alone

89. You can’t remember the last time you had a temper tantrum

90. You stop pretending you have the answer for everything

91. You remove piercings that aren’t on your earlobes

92. You realize it’s much more important to have a small circle of close, real friends than a large circle of fake friends

93. You finally appreciate the concept of thinking before speaking

94. You’ve stopped relying on what’s trendy or not and have created your own unique style

95. You’ve stopped taking everything so personally and embrace constructive criticism

96. You realize how much more meaningful and intimate sex is when feelings are involved

97. You actually check your online bank account often

98. Birthday money goes to bills or living expenses, not clothes or electronics

99. You’re not spending all your green on green

100. Your attention span lasted long enough to make it through this list

Top photo courtesy: Tumblr