The 10 Signs You Went To Public School In NYC

by Julian Sonny

There's nothing quite like attending public school in New York City. The level of ratchetness is through the roof, the kids are beyond reckless and the sh*t you see is just unbelievable. To those who make it out alive (literally), we salute you.

While we can't speak for every public school in the city, most of us can agree that some of the experiences you go through are comparable to what most other people throughout the country see throughout the course of a lifetime. And that's just in four years.

From school-wide brawls, to blumpkins in the bathroom, there are no limits to what you can achieve in the NYC school system. These are the 10 signs you went to public school in NYC:

You know how to get anything through a metal detector

NYC Students

You know how to cut class without getting marked as absent

Your lunch break consisted of a blunt to the face

Followed by a game of handball or dirty Chinese food

You still don't understand the concept of lacrosse

You had a Sconex account


You had to wait through 10 minutes of handshakes in the hallway to get to your next class

You still think Polo is fly


Your prom after party was either at the Jersey Shore, on a boat or hosted by Funk Master Flex

You skipped class to get neck in the staircase

Bonus: You knew a kid who never wore a shirt

Top Photo Courtesy of: Tumblr