10 Texts You Would Only Send To Your BFF That Are Weird AF To Everyone Else

by Elise Williams

Your best friend is your other half, your sanity and the reason you're surviving all of life's challenges. She's your go-to when you need to get out of the house, you partner in late-night food binging and the reason your messages are taking up so much space in your phone's storage.

She's your go-to text for the millions of situations you find yourself in every day because she knows exactly how to respond. There's nothing annoying about your need to pull out your phone and tell her whenever someone makes awkward eye contact in a store. She'll probably text you 30 minutes from now, asking why she ends up buying a new bottle of nail polish every time she leaves the house.

Your odd thoughts, awkward moments and emotional rambling keeps her phone buzzing throughout the day, and you couldn't love her more for accepting the fact that she's your lifeline no matter how serious or unserious your moment's needs are.

Bless that girl for always being there during all those times when she's the first and only person you need to send multiple, emoji-laden, one-sentence texts to.

There are 10 specific times in which the only person you need to be texting is your best friend:

1. When you went shopping and spent way too much, but the clothes are fabulous.

Your bestie will drool over the steals you found (which you already sent a slew of pictures of for approval), and she'll help you justify your ridiculous purchases. She'll also sign the text message contract you drew up that grants her full authority to stop you from spending anymore money on clothes for the rest of the month.

“Seriously, not even socks.”

2. When you're alone in public.

You finally got the courage to go do something alone, like have coffee, watch a movie or eat a meal, so naturally, you have to report to your BFF and let her know all the odd things you're noticing people do in public. Most importantly, you ask, “I don't do this stuff when we're together, do I?”

3. When you argue with a stranger.

Whether someone sassed you in the checkout line or yelled out the car window at you because your driving offended him, you have to pick up your phone and let her know you “seriously didn't even do anything wrong,” and “this is why I can't handle people." She'll probably threaten to come through the phone and shave off the person's left eyebrow.

4. When you're about to pamper yourself.

It's hard not to feel guilty when you want to take a little "me time," slip into a bubble bath or schedule extra hair treatments at the salon, but once you tell your best friend, she'll cheer for you. When you're all, “I should be spending this on groceries and a laundry basket," she'll make sure to let you know you deserve to do something extra for yourself. She listens to you spill out all of your stress to her on a daily basis and knows how hard you work.

5. When you're trying to heal.

No matter how many times you text her at 1 am about someone who hurt you, she's there to talk through any lasting sting you're feeling. She knows you healing means you have to say all of the things that come to mind about the situation, and she's more than happy to listen to you say, “I don't know when or if this is ever going to stop hurting," before promising you it will someday.

6. When you need to be petty.

We all encounter stupid little things throughout our days that bother us, even though they really shouldn't. You can count on your BFF to let you fire off five messages in a row venting about your pointless jealousies, someone's annoying Instagram post and how you had to tell the barista five times what you wanted to drink.

“I'm not even mad. I just don't get it.”

7. When you feel sappy.

You're watching a sappy chick flick? Your boyfriend did something incredibly sweet that made you want to cry? You just watched a mother elephant help her baby back up when it fell down?

Bestie is there to send you endless crying face emojis and share all of your teary-eyed moments when you ask her, “Why am I acting so girly?"

8. When you need help shaking someone off.

Sometimes you're way too nice to guys you're not interested in, even though you really, really want them to stop talking to you. Luckily, your BFF will always be there to tell you it's time to cut the cord, and she'll text you the perfect message to send Mr. Too Persistent to firmly show him the exit.

“I don't know how to tell him to leave me alone without being mean.”

9. When everything hurts, and you're dying.

Whether this is from a late night out, or you're sicker than you've ever been in your life, you let her know you're basically worthless, and, “I might not even make it out of bed to shower for the next 24 hours."

She'll make sure to text back ordering you to get some rest before insisting she come over to keep you company.

10. When you're catching feelings.

Even though you tried not to, there they are, staring at you in the face, and you couldn't feel more terrified.

“I did it. I caught 'The Feelings.' Or, maybe they caught me. IDK."

She'll celebrate your newfound affection, jump-start your wedding planning and threaten to commit crimes against your new man if he hurts you, all in one message.