6 Reasons To Find A Taurus When You're In Need Of Some Serious Advice

by Alexis DiZenzo

In you were born between April 20 and May 20, like myself, then you already know you are a strong Taurus.

With the symbol of the bull, a taurus does not take sh*t from anyone.

We are dependable and reliable, and we would do anything for anyone who deserves it.

We are patient yet stubborn, and it is our way or the highway. We are fiercely independent, but we are the most loyal beings on the planet.

At the end of the day, we know what we are talking about, and we are always right.

An argument does not end until we say it does, and until we get our point across.

And trust me, we have no issue arguing all day until finally realize we are right.

But besides that, here are just a few reasons why a Taurus is the best person to get advice from:

1. We will clearly explain our point of view until you understand it completely.

We will not only give you advice, but will explain why and what exactly our vision is on how you should take the advice.

Are you having an issue with your girlfriend and need to know how to confront it?

We will script for you exactly what to say, tell you when to say it, suggest a solution to the problem and explain why we believe the problem is occurring.

It will all seem so simple in the end.

2. We are very loving and do want to help, despite our attitude problem.

It may seem like a Taurus does not want to help you when you ask for advice.

We are just very busy people, and clearly the only ones in the world with guidance and common sense.

At the end of the day, we are extremely loving and just want to help people.

We love to help others help themselves.

3. We are very, very patient.

We will sit and listen to you rant for hours without getting offended or annoyed.

We have the patience that is needed to guide others in the right direction, especially for those who are very lost and confused.

4. We are hardworking.

We always put our best foot forward, and if you come to us needing advice, we are going to do our absolute best to make sure we give you the best advice possible and actually help you.

You can expect real thought out advice from a hardworking Taurus.

5. We really would do anything for anyone who deserves it.

And yes, sometimes exceptions are made because we are just that loving of a breed.

A Taurus really would do anything to help anyone.

If you need something, we would be there in a second, no questions asked. We wouldn't expect anything in return from you.

6. We are brutally honest, even if you did not ask for our opinion.

We are very blunt when we speak, and we tell it exactly how it is.

Do not mistake our sarcasm for being rude either, it is just how we are.

Our honesty though, makes for the best quality advice because we will tell you things exactly how they are, even if it is not what you want to hear.

We all need a brutally honest person in our life to give us the advice that no one else is willing to.

Also, honesty is the best when you need to be put in your place about a situation.