Why You Should Take The Train On Your Next Vacation

Until teleportation is a reality, there are only three modes of transportation we can rely on: planes, trains and automobiles.

When it comes to making a choice among the trio, the train is often forgotten as a viable option. It is neither as fast as a plane nor as autonomous as a car. But at its core, train travel is actually the most relaxing option of the bunch.

This is why you should take the train on your next vacation.

It's the most efficient way to travel.

The train is like the mom in your friend group: reliable and always on time.

The moment you arrive at the airport, your anxiety is through the roof because security is such a stressful experience. But when you take a train, security is not as intimidating. You just need a ticket and an ID — no shoe removal necessary.

Once you're on the train, it's even more of a breeze. You choose a seat, sit back and let the train rock you gently on it's medium-speed journey. You get to whiz by all the cars who have to yield to you. It's a delight.

I mean, there's a reason you never hear of people who are afraid of train travel.

You can actually be productive.

While you're riding a train, there's some sort of unwritten code that everyone inherently knows to abide by.

People are respectful of keeping empty seats open, and they're quick to offer a smile. But they're just as quick to leave you alone and go back to their own business.

That's because trains are the most productive mode of travel. They come with Wi-Fi, power outlets and a general sense of calm and quiet. You can plug into your computer and answer emails, or get lost in the novel you've been trying to finish for weeks.

It's a refreshing change of pace.

Two words: café car.

Café cars are a magnificent invention. Don't have time to grab a bite at the station's food court before embarking on your trip? No problem. Just grab a seat in the café car.

You can grab a glass of wine or a sparkling water, or you can have a real meal — all with the convenience of an actual table. Eating like a civilized person will make you feel like a grown up instead of a baby at a high chair.

Trains are incredibly spacious.

If you want to feel free while traveling, then simply book a train ticket. A car offers a small space for hours on end, and an airplane straps you to a ramrod-straight seat. But the train gives you comfort.

It doesn't matter whether you're in coach or business class on a train, you're still going to get a ton of space. And if you do get tired of your seat? No problem! Get up and stretch your legs. Walk around. You can even pick a different seat if you're feeling wild!

You get to enjoy the scenery.

If you don't feel like being productive during your train ride, then have no fear: There's plenty of scenery to get lost in.

A train's giant windows allow you to take in your surroundings. You pass by town after town, thinking about what it would be like to live in the different environments. It's almost like the scenery is letting you think about what you want and who you want to be.

The people watching is just as interesting. Because of the multiple stops, there's always a new face to inspect, a new couple to create a back story for or a new person to make small talk with.

They're a total throwback.

My favorite thing about the train is that I get to pretend I'm living in a different era.

It starts when you arrive to catch your train: Train stations feature some of the most beautiful architecture in the country. (If you've ever been to Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan or Union Station in Washington, D.C., you'll literally see what I'm talking about.)

There's something about chugging along the tracks that just transports you. You expect a billow of steam to pass by your window, as passengers dressed in suits and cocktail dresses walk by you. Trains just feel dramatic and romantic. It might be because of the turnover of the crowd, or maybe it's because they feel like moving relics.

Train travel feels like the beginning of a story — a story you should book a ticket for soon.

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