Here Are 6 Super Useful Hobbies You Should Take Up This Summer

by Liam Feldstein
Susana Ramirez

Congratulations kids, you're either strolling into another relaxing summer after spring semester or you've finished commencement and are about to get smashed in the face by reality. Regardless of your situation, the warm summer months packed with downtime are prime for picking up a new skill.

Here are some hobbies you should try out this summer.



Let's be real: Brains are sexy in 2016. Everyone loves pretending to be nerdy because they play Candy Crush or watch "Game of Thrones" every Sunday. But, rather than be a pretender, why not dig your hands into some online classes about computer programming?

There are a few services available that take some of the learning and practice out of the process, but don't you want to experience the satisfaction of creating your own app? Just think, you can finally create the perfect iPhone app to suit your many college/grad needs, such as tracking sunscreen application at the beach or quizzes about which "Bachelor" contestant you're most like. Give this idea a shot while sipping piña coladas by the pool. You could even make some small cash if it becomes popular.


There was a brief period of my life where I convinced myself that, because I was a good writer, I could be a rapper. Spoiler alert: It didn't work out like I imagined.

But, you can spend countless hours this summer beefing up your writing skills through poetry, short stories, blogging or even contributing to a sweet publication like Elite Daily. You'll need some serious communication skills in the real world to get ahead, so take the time now to perfect your writing. Who knows, maybe you'll even get paid to do it!


Jovo Jovanovic

It's too late to turn your dad bod into a beach bod, so just embrace your 12-pack gut and try again next year. While you may not have the time to cut out some weight, you can keep your sack of flesh and bones in shape by hiking a bunch this summer.

Just buy a pair of decent boots and literally point somewhere outside and walk. You can also head to national parks for more adventurous hikes, but it doesn't take much to give you an acceptable workout. Bring plenty of water and some snacks (e.g. bananas, protein bars, etc.) to keep yourself energized.


Remember those absurd scavenger hunts you did in high school? They usually called for some ridiculous items, such as stealing innocent alpacas from a local farm — or maybe my town was just weird. Regardless, geocaching is the more adult version of a scavenger hunt and involves using GPS coordinates to track down caches.

It's actually a global movement, so you can visit the official Geocaching website and find out how many geocaches are nearby. You also only need to open the package, sign and date a guestbook, and put it back how you found it for the next visitor. It'll get you outside and moving around, and it can be a fun way to spend a summer day before getting plastered on the town.


Tasting Table

A good friend of mine recently took up baking, joining the #DrakeonCake movement on Instagram. Needless to say, the office has benefited from the surplus of baked goods, for better or worse.

No matter what kind of baking you want to pick up, becoming a mastercaker can be game-changing. Literally no one hates cake, and if they do, you don't want to be friends with them. You can even search Pinterest for healthy options to avoid spoiling your summer fitness goals.

Learning a new language

If you're feeling like employing some extra brain power this summer after trying out programming, consider learning some basic foreign language skills. Free apps and sites like Duolingo provide lessons to users through translation services, which means you could have a solid base to work with when you go on your next vacation.

When you're heading overseas for some traveling, knowing some new languages can help you when ordering food, buying clothes and souvenirs or avoiding some sleazy dudes trying to take you home from the club.

How you spend your summer is up to you, but consider picking up a new hobby to pass the time and add some interesting skills to your resume.