11 Ways To Have A Summer Break, Even Though You Work A 9-To-5

"School's out" doesn't exactly have the same ring it did when you were a non-bill paying grade schooler.

Working a 9-to-5 is also a far cry from the summer jobs in undergrad and even farther from the three-month hiatus from bells, teachers and homework in high school.

Sigh. We're grown now, folks.

But that doesn't mean you can't still have a super turned up summer. In fact, you've got something you didn't have during your school days: actual, factual money.

OK, maybe student loans mean you don't have that much more.

But adulting still has a few perks so take advantage of them with these ideas for having a blast this summer.

1. Have the water fight of the ages.

Call your friends over one sunny weekend this summer, fill up a few balloons, grab that Super Soaker and channel your inner '90s kid for the afternoon.

2. Commit yourself to an after-work bar visit at least once a week.

Make sure you dress extra cute for work that day and meet up with your friends to bar hop. If you leave straight from work, then you can probably hit up three spots easy — and still slide into bed at a decent hour.

3. Actually sleep in on the weekends.

4. Grill out just because.

5. Commit yourself to seeing all your favorite artists in concert.

It's festival season, so let's act like it, dammit. Look up your favorite bands, find out when they're coming to your city and go ahead and slap the money down for those tickets.

Nothing says summer like a bomb concert and it doesn't have to be expensive ass Coachella for you to rock the night away.

6. Rooftop bars only.

Leave basic bars for the basic fall Friday nights. When summer hits, it's outdoor bars only.

7. Get a summer hairstyle.

Cut? Color? You choose. Just do something fun, fresh and spicy!

8. Skip yoga. Go to the pool.

Racing for work in time for your 6:30 pm yoga class is a no-go this summer. Hit up your local pool instead. And if you're sensitive about sticking to a workout regimen, find a gym near you with a pool and sign up for water aerobics classes.

(Warning: This is not like frolicking in the pool with family and friends. Water aerobics will send you to bed with Bengay, but it's all in the name of taking advantage of summer, right?

9. Camp out with wine and friends in your own backyard.

10. Go to an outdoor movie.

11. Take day trips.

Maybe you can't get to your beloved Miami haunt until you can use that PTO in August, but you can still take advantage of a weekend and ride to a local beach.

If you're landlocked indefinitely, then find a cool lake to hang out at.

You can also just road trip it up with friends or enjoy your time in solitude.