6 Ways To Pull Off The Ultimate Summer Proposal Your Girlfriend Will Love

You've waited long enough to pop the question to your girl, and now that it's summertime and the weather isn't giving you frostbite, it's time to plan the ultimate proposal.

Once you've picked out the ring and rehearsed over and over again what you're going to say when you get down on one knee, you'll probably find yourself wondering where you should ask her to marry you.

So, whether you two have a special summer spot or you're heading off to vacation somewhere new, add these six things to you summertime proposal checklist.

1. Take it outdoors.

No matter where you find yourself, at home or on vacation, use the good summer weather as part of your game plan. It's always more romantic and adventurous when you're underneath the sunlight, the sunset and even the sunrise. Scope out a spot beforehand so you know exactly where to go, and you can also see how busy it is. That way, you know how private the proposal will be.

2. Good lighting means good photos.

Hire a photographer to go incognito and take photos — without your girl knowing — while you pop the question. Since you'll probably be nervous and temporarily black out during the whole thing, the photographer will capture some incredible shots that the two of you can laugh and cry over in the future.

3. Get beachy.

You can never go wrong with a beach proposal. So, if you're looking for a simple place to do it, find a quiet spot at your local beach or plan a vacation trip somewhere tropical. Be sure to add in endless lounge chairs and piña coladas.

4. Pack a picnic.

Chances are, after all this happens, the two of you will be so overwhelmed that you'll forget to eat. Pack a picnic to eat beforehand with some snacks to pick on afterward, when they both of you are calling each and every one of your relatives.

5. Pop the champagne.

Bring the champagne. There's no better way to celebrate an outdoor summer proposal than with a bottle of bubbly.

6. Hit up your favorite summer spot.

If you're spending too much time trying to find the perfect spot, make it easy on yourself and just think back to some good memories you had together over the summer. Go to a place that made you both happy or a place where something funny happened. The more meaningful, the better.