34 Discounts You Never Knew You Could Score With Your Student ID

by Gigi Engle

Being on your own has its ups and downs. You're learning new things, making new friends and figuring out who you are and want to be.

You crave new experiences and adventures, but you also have very little money in the bank. In fact, even after you graduate, you have no cash to burn.

During your college days and your tentative post-grad years, you're subsisting off of cheap meals and an extensive workload or entry-level job. It's a tough gig.

The key to having it all is your student ID. This little card is the ticket to a brave new world, one of savings and deals you never knew existed. Do not ever lose your student ID. I repeat: DO NOT LOSE YOUR ID.

Here are 34 things you can always score with your student ID (even after you graduate). You're welcome, and happy hunting.


1. You can get 50 percent off your Spotify membership.

2. The Met Opera in New York City has a 25 percent discount for those who are feeling fancy.

3. AMC Theaters has Student Day every single Thursday, which means discounted movie tickets!

4. For those of you who keep up with the news, The New York Times offers 50 percent off, Wall Street Journal 75 percent off and The Economist 69 percent off.

5. Many professional sports teams have student nights where they offer discounted tickets with your ID.


6. Topshop gives a 10 percent discount, both online and in-store.

7. You can get 15 percent off at ModCloth.

8. J.Crew has a fantastic 15 percent off deal. YAS for crewneck sweaters!

9. Banana Republic has a 15 percent off discount.

10. Charlotte Russe has a 10 percent off discount.

11. You can get 10 percent off at Steve Madden.

12. TOMS shoes offers free shipping  when you order online.

13. ASOS gives you 10 percent off.

14. Sephora offers 10 percent cash back.

15. Levi's offers 15 percent off jeans.

16. OASIS will give you 20 percent off.

17. Kate Spade has a 15 percent discount.

18. Madewell has a 10 percent discount.

19. Pottery Barn will give you 10 percent off all stacking drawers, ironic posters and dorm room organizers, as long as you provide a email address.

20. Champs sports will give you 10 percent off purchases $50 or more with a Student Advantage card.

21. Prepare to get six months of free and two-day shipping with Amazon.

22. SONY gives those who register online 10 percent off merchandise.

23. BestBuy offers all kinds of discounts and special offers with a valid .edu email address.

24. Apple gives students $300 off MacBooks and iPads.

25. You can get a $15 gift card when you sign up for a Sam's Club membership. Buying in bulk is always best, after all.

26. Sprint will give you 10 percent off your phone plan, in case mom and dad kicked you off the family plan when you left for school. Just me?


27. Buffalo Wild Wings (!!!) offers a 10 percent discount.

28. Dominos has all kinds of discounts, depending on where your school is (or was!) located.

29. Qdoba offers $5 burrito meals.

30. Chipotle has a 15 percent discount. Finally, a burrito we can all afford.

31. Burger King offers 10 percent off.

32. Subway has a 10 percent discount.

33. Chick-Fil-A will give you a free small drink with your purchase.

34. You can get 10 percent off at McDonald's.

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