How To Deal When You're Always Cold

If you're #unblessed by being chronically cold just about every season, you know the struggle is so real.

As a matter of fact, I'm freezing AF right now… but casually rocking two sweatshirts, sweatpants and wool socks. The heat is on, and the sun is out.

I'm sure every consistently cold person can relate to the painful process that is getting up on a brisk winter morning: It's the toughest thing ever to part with your cozy flannel sheets and extra comforters.

Sometimes, the thought of snuggling under a blanket, in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine even trumps going out with the squad to a bar.

BUT HEY, this chick over here is plagued with being constantly cold AF, so who can blame her?

Here's some basic advice for dealing with life when you're always cold.

WARNING: None of these suggestions are attractive in any way, shape or form, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

1. Ditch the sexy nightie and wear socks to bed.

Honestly, YOLO. And how romantic are you going to be anyway, if you feel like you just walked out of a freezer?

Warm up first, and cue the sexy nightie later.

2. Make sure you find an apartment on the sunny side of the building.

If it has a fireplace, even better. Anyone who wants to find you during the winter will know you'll be chilling along with some graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate.

It's a known fact (in my book) that snacks make everything feel so much better… even cold feet.

3. Your BFF should be a big-ass electric blanket.

Plug that sucker in before you hop into bed to get things warm and toasty.

Trust me on this one: I mean, you preheat the oven when you bake a sinful chocolate cake, right?

4. Your man has to have some meat on his bones, for cuddling.

It also doesn't hurt if he's hot because, well, hotness helps with the struggle.

Seriously though, IDK what it is. Dudes always seem to be so warm, and they never have a problem with cuddles.

5. A hoodie to bed – although it can look borderline ratchet – is a must.

Hood up, of course. When your ears and nose are cold, everything's cold.

Heck, why not make it two hoodies?

6. Hand warmers, even though they're usually meant for skiing, are essential for snow day commutes or play.

Put those babies in your boots and mittens to avoid being exceptionally cranky when you're exposed to the outside elements in winter.

7. Footie pajamas or thermal two-piece undies under the hoodie? YEP.

Thank goodness for Victoria's Secret. Long Jane pajamas can be both fun and super cute.

8. Hot chocolate, tea and coffee in excessive amounts... not necessarily in that order.

Just keep re-filling that mug with the hot beverage of your choice, and work on the problem from the inside out.

9. A fluffy dog makes for a prime snuggle buddy.

Hopefully, your little fluff ball likes to cuddle: You'll be wanting snuggle time all the time.

10. When you go out to eat, don't choose a window table or anything near the door.

You'll be miserable AF, and won't be able to enjoy any of your delicious food.

11. Fit in as many tropical vacations as you can afford.

Because, duh: Everyone knows we thrive best in the sunshine.

12. A blanket, an extra sweatshirt and socks at the office in July? You bet!

If your office cranks up the AC in the summer, you'll appreciate being completely prepared to deal.

The struggle is real.

Snuggle up, put on those layers and heat up that beverage to the max: You'll be warm and happy in no time.

Well, probably not... but at least you'll know you're doing everything you possibly can to deal.