Stop Doing These, To Start Living Life

by Kara Nesbitt

If you are at a point in life - no matter what age - where you are looking at life, and you ask yourself what it is you’re doing, you probably need to re-evalaute those things.

Questions like, why am I dating him, why am I friends with her, why am I giving up my own self-worth for others to be happy? You wonder why you are sacrificing yourself to make others happy.

You know that in the end, the happiness of others will not make you happy. So why are you still living life like this? Here is a list of things to stop doing to start living life the way you want to and to be 100 percent satisfied.

Stop spending time with the wrong people.

I have seen too many occasions where a person likes another person and will do everything and anything to impress them. If you are this person, in return for your devotion, you probably receive next-to-nothing, as the other person is only looking out for their own worth and satisfaction. If you find yourself consistently going out of your way to do something for someone else and they show no gratitude, it’s time to give it up. This could be something as little as buying your favorite coffee before meeting up, or sending a funny picture to let you know they’re thinking of you. If you are important to them, they will let you know. Even if it’s someone who has been there from the beginning, people change, and sometimes it’s a negative change.  It’s okay to move on from friendships that are holding you back.

Stop running from your problems.

If there is something going on with you and you are facing the other way, you’re going to get pushed face first into the ground. Running from your problems just leads to other negative things that will just lead to a whole spiral of negativity, which you will never be able to get out of until you lose control. Just remember, people are not made to be strong and solve every problem with ease. People are made to cry, laugh, feel sad, stumble and fall, with difficulty getting back up. The sum of your experiences is what eventually turns you into the person you want to be, or not be - whichever you decide is up to you.

Stop lying to yourself.

Don’t try to be someone you aren’t. Lying to yourself will only translate to lying to other people, and eventually, everything you represent will be a lie. Don’t be that person. Be true; be you – whether you’re good, bad, happy, or sad. Own up to yourself and love yourself.

Stop berating yourself for old mistakes.

This is one I cannot stress enough. Stop beating yourself up for past mistakes. You are not that person – you made a mistake. Mistakes happen. Everyday is a new day, and you are here now to learn from that mistake, accept it and move forward with every day of your life. Learn from it and move on from it.

Every past event that happened in your life happened for a reason. Those events happened to you so you could handle a moment that has not yet arrived. If someone puts you down for your past mistakes, holding you back from moving forward, from that person. No one person is powerful or influential enough to make you feel inferior to yourself, or anyone else.

Stop being idle and thinking so much.

Thinking about something you cannot change is the most ridiculous thing people do. The more you think, the more problems you create. It’s like when you put a hole in the wall as a little kid and didn’t know what to tell your mom. You got so worked up about it. You started to cry; you started to breath heavy and scream.

You did not know what to tell her.  You made up a story and ended up getting in trouble for it. Then, she discovers you didn’t tell her the truth, and in reality, if you had just told her what really happened, you wouldn’t have been in trouble at all. Weigh out the situation and take an action. Progression is key.

Stop thinking you’re not ready.

You are never really ready for anything: your first steps, your first test, your first kiss, your first job, marriage, baby, etc. You don’t understand how many things you are actually not ready for, but it happens anyway. When you look back and recall where you were last year and all that you have overcome, you will realize you are never really ready for anything life has to throw at you, but your experience has made you ready. New opportunities incite nerves. Take a leap of faith and get comfortable with the things that scare you, and you can handle anything.

Stop letting others bring you down to their level.

You should never have to explain yourself, and you should never have to defend yourself. Do not lower your standards for those who will not raise theirs. Trust me, those people are not worth it. Know your self worth and those who bring you down will never faze you again.

Stop overlooking small moments.

There are so many beautiful moments that people tend to overlook, as they are consumed in their own selves and what’s going on. Everyday before bed, look back on your day and point out something that made you smile. Eventually, you will look for the little things on a daily basis and your days won’t seem so normal or so boring. Days are long; life is short; people come and go at the most unexpected times. Embrace life, and life will embrace you.

Stop trying to be everything to everyone.

Learning this will only make you happier and less stressed. The only way to explain this is to say, “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” Put your energy into people whose energy will respond.

Stop worrying so much.

Just think, does this problem have a solution? If not, then why worry about it? If yes, then why worry about it? Have a beer and let whatever is going to happen, happen. You cannot change what you do not have control over so stop trying to.

Stop focusing on things you do not want to happen.

When you focus your energy on things that are positive, rather than thinking of the negative, the universe will feel your energy and make the positive more prominent in your life. For example, if you really want a job, but you’re not sure how you did on the interview, just consider the positive aspects of the interview, rather than the negative.

Tell yourself you will get the job, and chances are, that job will be yours. This applies to everything you do in life. Wake up with the sun shining and bring positivity into your every day and to everyone you encounter. For example, if you wake up late, drive to work and while getting out of the car, you lock your keys in your car, do not allow for this to be a negative occurrence that weighs down your day. Instead, think positively about a solution to the situation and only positivity will ensue. If you think negatively, that just gives off a negative vibe and everything from there on out will not be happy.

Stop being ungrateful.

While your complaining about life, someone out there is taking their last breath. Be thankful, pray more, stress less and live free.