Stop Bitching, You're Not The Only One With Problems

by Paul Hudson

We love to complain oh so very much. It’s become the number one hobby of our generation. We bitch and moan about how awful our lives are — which is funny because those that actually do have it bad are the ones that don’t complain. When you meet your friends, what do you talk about? How great your lives are and how happy you are?

Or do you just go down a long list of everything that is making you ‘miserable’? My boyfriend is being such a dick… I hate my job… I hate waking up in the morning… My roommates suck… My boss is an ass… I think my girlfriend is cheating on me… My parents are pissing me off… That bitch de-friended me… blah blah blah. We complain at work. We complain at home.

We complain when we are out with friends and we complain over every social media platform known to man. What’s the purpose of all this bitching? No one actually cares… you know that. Letting off some steam? There’s no point if you have the endless supply that you seem to have — you’ll spend your entire life like a locomotive. There is never a reason to complain because it could always be worse. Unless you’re dead. If you’re dead, you are allowed to complain — otherwise shut up.

It’s funny… I’m writing this article and realizing how much it sounds like I myself am complaining. Such a f*cking hypocrite, am I right? I’m not saying that I don’t like to complain myself, because I do. We all do; it seems to be part of our nature. But don’t read this the wrong way. I am not writing this to blow off steam or to let you all know how pissed off I am — because I’m not pissed off. To be quite honest with you…I don’t really care how much all of you complain because I simply just don’t care. No one cares.

You are obviously welcome to do as you wish and live your life as you wish, but before you continue on your rampage of self-pity, think about whether or not it makes sense. We have already established that no one cares — except you yourself of course. Everyone else is too busy with their own lives and their own problems (and their own bitching) to pay any heed to the garbage you spew. So is there some purpose behind you complaining to yourself?

Complaining is focusing on the negative. Each and every time that you let out a negative statement, you are reminding yourself of all the difficulties that you are facing. You are reminding yourself how difficult life can be and how likely you are to fail. But you’re not failing — at least not entirely. So are you complaining as a form of tooting your own horn? Are you letting everyone know how hard you have it so that they can see how much effort and work you are putting in to staying afloat?

Do you need the approval and acknowledgment of others for your work and your life for it all to have some sort of meaning? Are you and what you do worthless unless others appreciate all the difficulties you face? I really would like to know —p lease post some responses below and explain to me what reasons and with what purpose you choose to bitch and moan about everything and anything.

I see it as a form of procrastination. You would go out of your way to take care of what needs to be taken care of…but it’s just so difficult. You would start on that project that you promised yourself you would start…but there is just too much going on in your life right now. Maybe next year. Maybe next year you will finally hit the gym.

Maybe next year you will finally quit your job and start doing something with your life that will make you happy. Maybe next year you will dump that assh*le or that lying whore and find someone that actually loves you. Maybe next year you will have an actual conversation with your father, mother, grandparent or whomever. Maybe next year you will take all that anger that you have with your life, with yourself and with the world, and put it to good use. Maybe next year you will start living your life. Maybe you won’t get a next year.

We take all that we have for granted. We have a home, food, clean water, clothing, family, friends, pets, jobs, cars, legs, arms, eyes. We are healthy, we aren’t living on the streets and, most importantly, we are alive. You have a life and you are spending the majority of it complaining about it. What is wrong with you? There are people that are starving, people rotting in cells for crimes that they never committed, people that have lost all of their loved ones, lost limbs, lost EVERYTHING and still manage to find beauty in the world, appreciation for what little they do have.

As long as you have hope, as long as you have options, then you have no reason to be complaining. We are incredibly lucky because we have the ability to change almost whatever it is that we are unhappy with. We have the ability to make something out of nothing more than the workings of our minds. We can accomplish more than any person can possibly comprehend.

Yet, we don’t. We are lazy. We complain. We bitch. We moan. We look for pity. I do pity you — seriously, I do. Not because you have it hard, but because you are too caught up in yourself to realize how ridiculously stupid you are acting. I wish I didn’t have to write this and bring more negativity into my own life, but it’s my job. I get paid to do it. If I didn’t then I would leave you all to wallow in your own self-inflicted misery.