These 9 Halloween Cocktails Will Make Your Party Extra Spooky

by Tessa Harvey

It's basically almost Halloween season, people. Now's the time to forget your summer sorrows, shake off the sand, and dive head first into pumpkin spice, cinnamon, cozy sweaters, and all-things related to Halloween. My body is totally ready for this. I've been waiting all year long, and I'm truly convinced there's actually no better way to get a feeling for the season than by getting our mouths watering from some spooky Halloween cocktail recipes.

OK, so we technically have a little under two months until Halloween, but that just means we have to use this time to perfect our favorite cocktails for all of the upcoming Halloween parties. Fun cocktails and shot recipes are a blast every time of the year, but during the Halloween season, there's something about the extra spooky names and warm colors that make it so much more enjoyable.

So, take a close look, because these festive party drinks range from spooky to downright scary. If alcohol isn't your thing (or, of course, if you're not 21 yet), many of these options can be made without it. Grab some apple cinnamon popcorn, and get situated. You're not going to want to stop watching these nine Halloween drink tutorials perfect for your upcoming parties and costume contests.

1. Halloween Jungle Juice

This festive jungle juice is the perfect option for a bigger get-together. Your friends will love the smokey top (thanks, dry ice) in addition to the spices of pineapple, strawberries, oranges, and apples inside. Bonus points? This boozy concoction is ridiculously easy to make.

2. Black Widow Shot

The Black Widow Shot looks and sounds cool. Plus, can we give some much-deserved attention to this black vodka? Your guests will be totally amazed.

3. Mad Scientist Potions

Want to serve your guests something incredibly spooky and Instagram-worthy? These Mad Scientist Potions are cute and under-21-friendly, made with dry ice and Kool-Aid. They'll make the ultimate addition to your cocktail spread.

4. Skull Eyeball Cocktail

This drink literally glows. You don't need the extras to make this cocktail, but if you get the skull glasses, your guests will certainly thank you. Drink up.

5. Witches Brew

Feeling witchy? This witches brew is seriously for you. And let's be real, Halloween wouldn't be complete without it. Don't worry, the fruity flavor keeps it tasting delicious.

6. Vodka Eyeball Jello Shots

These Jello shots are seriously freaky, and all eyes will (quite literally) be on them when they make their grand entrance. Don't forget to add some drops of grenadine at the end for a finishing touch.

7. Vampire Elixir

This creamy, delicious drink will be a huge hit. The bloody glass effect is just corn syrup and red food coloring, so it's super simple to put together. You'll be sipping that yummy white chocolate liqueur in no time.

8. Dracula's Curse Cocktail

The black-sugar rim makes this drink just creepy enough for Dracula himself. It's a little more complicated than the rest on this list, but not by much. If you're making custom drinks for your guests, add this one to the list.

9. Liquid Ghost Cocktail

Last but not least, the Liquid Ghost Cocktail. Get your shaker out, and you're well on the way to having it made. You'll fall in love with the flavor the cream, vodka, vanilla simple syrup, and club soda create when combined.