3 Reasons Why Losing Yourself Will Help You In The Long Run

by Lalaine Young

Was there ever a time in your life when one day, you just woke up and felt empty? Numb, you searched for answers, but you came up with nothing. But hey, it’s just another day, so you ignore the gnawing feeling of hollowness that’s eating you alive inside.

You see another person in the same room with you and he stares at you with complete blankness in his eyes. Later, you realize it’s just your reflection. Still, you dare to ask, “Who are you?”

Life is pretty tough. Sometimes, I even feel like we only get a certain endurance allotment before we eventually break. Not every person is born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth and the ones who aren’t must work especially hard to achieve anything.

Certain people must pour their blood, sweat and tears to get to where they want to be, while others don’t have to exert too much effort. You may even entertain the thought that life might be playing favorites.

It is undeniable that there are others who get whatever they want without breaking a sweat. How many times have you heard someone complain about how “life is unfair”?

In fact, how many times have you uttered that to yourself? There are so many things in our lives that we so badly want to work, but sometimes, things just don’t go our way and we don’t get to understand why.

We try so hard to stay in control of things and people, yet we end up disappointed, frustrated and even heartbroken. Little by little, we lose ourselves in the process.

At some point, you’ll hit rock bottom and everything you thought you knew and believed lost its meaning. It’s true that the good things in life aren’t handed out to us on silver platters, but we can always find beauty in this kind of tragedy; it’s called the silver lining.

What good can losing yourself possibly bring to you?


Losing yourself is like a journey to start fresh. It’s a clean slate; an opportunity for you to get to know who you are, rediscover your purpose in life and what you really want to do.

It’s a chance for you to find your passion and it can be doing anything! Painting, dancing, a job you’ve always dreamed about having or even just making your loved ones happy.

It’s a cause that will ignite a strong, excited feeling in you to get up in the morning; a drive that will compel you to make a difference.


At this point, you already know what you want to do, so use that unearthed passion inside of you to propel yourself toward your dreams and aspirations.

The person you want to become will no longer seem impossibly far away because you have finally found a way to get to where you want to be, whatever it takes.

Love And Respect

You have already gotten to know yourself, and along with your newly found passion and sense of direction, you have a gained love and respect for yourself.

You’ve been through hell, but instead of wallowing in self-pity, you decided to get up, put yourself back together and build a brand new you. Mastering self-love is one step toward finding the love of your life.

Love and respect yourself; they’re the perfect ingredients to let the world know that it can’t just change your smile.

Life treats us with tough love, but the moment it realizes you can’t easily be knocked down, it might just give you the love of your life as a bonus.

There’s beauty in everything, even in losing yourself. It’s not something that should scare you; it can either make you or break you — it’s just a matter of perspective. Treat it as a gift, a blessing in disguise or a second chance at a good life.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram