This Video Shows The Solar Eclipse From A Plane And It's Absolutely Breathtaking

Aubrey Gemignani/NASA via Getty Images

The solar eclipse is here, people!! It's happening!! And no, I don't mean the iconic The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is playing on TBS right now (although I wish it was), I mean the actual moon is covering up the actual sun right as we speak! People on Twitter are posting pictures and videos of what their point of view of the eclipse looks like, and this view of what a solar eclipse looks like from a plane is absolutely incredible. What a time to be alive, guys.

UPDATE: The previously shared video is actually revealed to be an old video from 2015, as reported by Buzzfeed. A 2017 video of the view of a solar eclipse from a plane was released, but it was not the previously posted video in this post. The 2017 version of this video has been added to this post.

EARLIER: The apocalypse I mean solar eclipse started around 1 p.m. EST on the west coast, with Oregon having some great totality views, and now I feel like a weatherperson giving a forecast, and it's making me feel fancy. I'm currently watching the eclipse from Virginia, and there's a freakin' thunderstorm happening outside right now and it's totally ruining my solar eclipse vibes and all the Snapchats I planned. So to all of you who are posting pictures and videos of this eclipse, just know that I see them all, and they all hurt my feelings. Anyway, enjoy this 15-second video of the solar eclipse from a plane. It is pretty freakin' incredible to watch.

All of the photos and videos from the solar eclipse have been pretty amazing.

People have been traveling all over the country to be able to see the solar eclipse from one of the points of totality in places like Oregon and North Carolina.

The view definitely made the travel worth it!

And here's a picture of Trump ignoring literally every single warning about watching the solar eclipse without the recommended protective glasses.

When the last solar eclipse happened 38 years ago in 1979, a news caster reporting the eclipse said, "May the shadow of the moon fall on a world at peace."

LOL. Oops.

Here's the actual footage of the 2017 eclipse from a plane, as captured by Jessica Grief.