Be Social, Not On Social: How To Have Fun When Single At A Wedding

by Sandy Reitman
New Line Cinema

People say the summer time is wedding season, but it seems that wedding season is never-ending. From endless engagement photos on social media to the incessant conversations about centerpieces and flowers, wedding season is always on.

And, if you’re single, you’ll have to master the art of being excited about seating arrangements, balancing your bank account to afford the weekends and understanding that you’re going to be at the singles’ table -- whether you like it or not.

Just when you thought you’d danced to “Uptown Funk” and gotten down on the floor to “Shout” one too many times, another wedding pops up.

Now, how do you make sure you have a good time when you’re that single friend? As someone who was that friend five times this summer, I think I’ve got it down.

Look hot.

Weddings are a great place to meet people. Plus, there's no shortage of cameras around.

While you might know the shortlist of single friends, there are always surprise cousins and family friends. You have to look good.

If you’re from New York, you come with your high-fashion game looking like that’s how you always look on the city streets. If you’re from LA, you rock the BoHo trends and look like you beautifully just threw something on.

And wear shoes you can keep on during the dance party. Bare feet on the dance floor are never a good look.

Get your own hotel room -- it's worth it.

Wedding weekends add up quickly. While it’s fun to share your room with your couple friends or the one other person without a date, you’ll want some time to yourself.

Let’s say you meet that hot cousin of the groom who’s staying with his parents or the DJ who traveled to the event -- where are you supposed to go to make a night of it?

In the end, it’s worth the expense.

Hop around to other tables.

It’s easy to lock yourself down at your assigned table. Depending on how the room is laid out, you might miss half of the wedding guests without even noticing.

Do some peacocking while getting up and moving around. Don’t get tied down to the people who you already know because you never know who else is in attendance.

Drink. But don’t drink too much.

Open bars can be dangerous. And, when you’re around old friends, it’s easy to get carried away.

Drink enough to loosen up on the dance floor but not too much to the point you become “that girl” from the wedding.

Know your limit, and know what to save for the after-party.

Be social, not ON social.

Nothing is worse than people taking endless selfies and instantly posting them on the Internet.

Be in the moment, and wait for the professional photos later. They look better anyway. Let someone else be responsible for the wedding hashtag trending.

Be prepared to throw an after-party.

There’s always a group that wants to keep going once the DJ is done. Have booze in the room, and make sure your iPhone can play those hot jams loud enough to keep dancing.

There’s nothing worse than an abrupt end to a fun night.

Pack accordingly.

Depending on where the ceremony and reception are located, you might not have time to go back to your room. Be sure to have what you need for a full night out: sunglasses, perfume, lipstick, mints, Band-Aids and condoms.

Look hot at brunch the next day.

Most weddings offer a follow-up brunch for out-of-towners and family. It’s easy to look like a hot mess after a night of drinking and dancing, but you’re going to want to look good for this event.

Think about it -- it’s the last time some of these people will ever see you again, and you don't want it to be a vision of you with a ruined blowout and sweatpants. Dress cute, say proper goodbyes, and be on your way.

Don’t be too shy to keep in touch.

These wedding weekends create fast friendships. You really get to know people after spending a full weekend with them. It’s OK to follow-up and keep in touch.

You might live in the same city as someone you met at the wedding, or you might head back to that destination again soon. Just because it seems like it was just a weekend or a one-night stand doesn’t mean it has to be.

Wedding weekend hashtags make it easy to find those new friends -- a quick follow on Instagram never hurt anyone.

It’s easy to focus on the travel, expense and time commitment of weddings while forgetting how fun they really can be.

Single or not, weddings are a great reason to go places you might not otherwise go, see people you rarely do and meet people you might not have met along the way.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself!