Why People Who 'Love' Being Single Are Actually Just Afraid To Open Up

by Diana Abroskina

There are two types of single people in this world.

The first type are those who have just ended their relationships.

They are either still overcoming emotional shock, or they are already looking for prospective dates.

The second type are the ones who are confirmed single.

They are totally fine about that, and they have no desire to change anything in their lives.

Or at least, they have no idea where to start.

The first type doesn’t get stuck in this solo lifestyle and is even kind of scared of it.

The fear of being alone haunts this type.

These people look at their spinster aunts residing all alone in suburban houses, and they therefore dive into new relationships in a month or so.

Confirmed singles are the much tougher and more stubborn type.

As a living representative of this group, I can surely admit we are addicted to the single lifestyle.

Yes, being single is like a drug for us.

However, it is the drug that makes us miserable when we start imagining sharing our lives with others or watching couples stroll down the streets.

But at the same time, this drug keeps us alive.

It gives us the energy to be strong enough to survive, and it literally makes our days.

We may constantly complain about how horrible it is to fall asleep alone, to dine alone and to go grocery shopping on Saturday mornings all alone.

But you know what? It’s not the single life that makes us whine.

It’s the lack of emotions and feelings we can actually experience.

It's the lack of adrenaline, uncertainties, worries and all the emotions that color our day-to-day routines.

We are attached only to ourselves.

It’s kind of cool and reassuring because there’s no one we need to depend on or worry about.

But on the other hand, we would sell our souls to the devil to live through even one feeling a couple has within a day.

If friends start "helping" us by setting up blind dates and introducing us to their cool friends at birthday parties, all you will see on our stone-like faces is a careless look.

We are simply not looking.

"Anti-feelings" is a sort of life motto for us. There’s nothing wrong with it, though.

Those of us who wear that careless mask have gone through many emotional meltdowns and heartbreaks.

We confirmed singles have soaked in our tears long enough, and we've decided to numb our feelings forever.

If not forever, then for a long while.

If you recognize yourself in any of these listed traits, here's a tip that will protect your young face from all the slaps of a single lifestyle: Stop blaming your single existence, stop blaming horrible dates, stop getting pissed at your friends who are settling down and stop trying to make yourself settle down again.

The true reason for your misery lies much deeper.

It lies  in your heart, which is currently shut down to the world around you.

It is scary to open up, but without it, there’s no other way to get over that single life.

The right time will come, and your feelings will eventually defrost.

But without the extra help and desire to start feeling things again, it may take a long time.

Open up.

Kill that fear of being hurt again.

Fill your young heart with emotions, even though you think they may not be lifelong.

Still let them flower up your life.

The next time you go on that blind date, be a little less skeptical and put on a warmer smile.

Give your date a chance at least.