Simple Ways To Lose Weight Before Your Wedding That Aren't Completely Torturous

by Maria DiKun
Levi Tijerina

"Oh shit. I actually need to try to lose weight for real now."

That is one of the first thoughts that goes through the mind of every woman when the glow of getting engaged wears off and the reality of actually getting married sets in.

Yes, there will be a large event with all eyes on you, and it will be heavily photographed. Those photographs are going to be living on the walls of your home forever.

If that is not enough to get your butt on a treadmill, I do not know what it is.

The easiest go-to for a better-looking body is to start working out and eating better. But let's be real: That sucks.

I mean, is being skinny really worth all of the missed happy hours and beer and pizza nights (not to mention the amount of time you are going to have to find in your already crammed schedule to go to the gym)?

Since the gym equals time, torture and money, the next best thing is some kind of dieting that can be successful.

There are the traditional diet plans like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, but if you want to try something new to shake up your metabolism, you can try one of the newer trends, like Isagenix, for example.

Isagenix has several different methods that help you slim down; you can either do a nine-day or 30-day cleanse. It works by replacing two meals a day with shakes. You then have a sensible dinner with smaller portions than you're normally used to (which you should be doing anyway).

It's doable.

Another new diet trend is that 21-day tiny plastic container size phenomenon. This seems like nothing more than a mixture of a Tupperware party and a Jane Fonda workout video.

I am pretty sure you could do this diet on your own buy purchasing cheap plastic food storage containers, portioning your food out once you purchase them and dancing around your living room.

Just promise you won't wear one of those horrid "sweating for the wedding" shirts.

If none of this sounds appealing to you, there is another new diet plan making the rounds — the Ketogenic diet.

Keto is incredibly similar to Atkins, but it stresses eating real foods instead of chemically made snack bars. It highlights eating foods with high fat content and cutting out carbs. This is really not the worst thing in the world — especially if you love meats and cheeses.

Oddly enough, it has positive results for weight loss. The siren song of carbs will probably call to you from time to time, and as hard as you try to fight it, you will answer that call. This may set you back a little bit, but pizza is worth it sometimes (right?).

If dieting isn't your thing, then you could make the decision to workout constantly. Godspeed.

One way the gym route can really work is if you are lucky enough to have enough money to afford a personal trainer. It is true; this is a great way to figure out the best exercises that will get you the body you want.

But having a personal trainer shows the world a few things about you, besides the fact you have a perfect body. It shows that you have enough free time to devote to going to the gym (jealous) and you have enough money to be able to afford a personal trainer (doubly jealous).

Just promise me this: No matter what decision you make to get in shape for your wedding, you will never wear one of those horrid "sweating for the wedding" shirts.