12 Signs You’re Almost an Adult

by Shannon Vize

To be an adult or not to be an adult, that is the struggle.

For anyone currently in his or her 20s, it can be hard to decipher when you've met enough of society's requirements to be considered a real “adult.”

Consider this a guide to discovering if you've reached the almost level, like I have. It's where you're almost a real adult, but haven’t quite committed to it just yet:

1. You actually remember to bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store now.

You own reusable bags now, and you feel like you've joined this elite group of adults who frequent the grocery store with their woven bags in hand.

No more plastic or paper for you; you're saving the world, one frozen pizza at a time. You go, Glen Coco.

2. College kids seem weirdly young to you now.

You didn't look that young when you were there, or did you? Warning: Avoid high schoolers because if college kids seem young to you now, you might be extremely weirded out by how young 16-year-olds look nowadays.

3. You've managed to keep a plant alive for more than one week.

It’s harder than you think, which you learned after your first few failed plant attempts.

It may be just a succulent, but that takes some responsibility and effort, too. At least that’s what you keep telling yourself.

4. You want a pet more than anything, but accept you’re not responsible enough to get one yet.

The only reason you even got a plant in the first place was to make sure you could handle a pet in the near future. Turns out, you can’t.

But, at least you’re mature enough to realize that owning a pet is a very real responsibility.

You're not ready for it at the moment, but keep those puppy adoption pages you've been browsing tabbed, just in case you change your mind.

5. You have more fresh food in the fridge than beer.

It may make you sad at first, but having delicious, fresh food available to you at any moment is a much better alternative than cracking your fridge when you’re deathly hungover, only to find stale food and more beer.

6. You're the same age, if not older, than a majority of your favorite celebs.

Kylie Jenner is how old?!

It's a crushing realization when you discover the celebs you follow on Instagram are years younger than you, yet immensely more successful.

7. You've questioned whether or not you're too old to still be shopping at Forever 21.

I mean, the age limit is in the name: Forever 21. But, you could still pass for a 21-year-old, right?

Besides, you can't beat $5.80 for a top, especially when you have student loan payments every month.

8. You file your own taxes correctly.

...At least you think you did.

But hey, what are the odds they'll audit some 25-year-old with massive student loan debt? It's not like you're rolling in cash.

9. You’ve had to look up at least one current slang term on Urban Dictionary to figure out what it meant.

Bae? SO? Tbh? Smh? Fleek? What language even is this?!

10. You've started making healthier choices out of fear rather than your mom telling you to.

Your metabolism ain't what it used to be anymore. Fruits and veggies are no longer just optional if you want to keep fitting into your favorite jeans.

Now, when you go to the beach, you put on sunscreen because you’re more afraid of wrinkles than you are of being pale.

11. You enjoy being up-to-date on current events and world news.

Understanding what’s going happening your own country as well as the rest of the world is important because you realize that the world doesn't revolve around you.

Awareness is the first step to creating change.

12. You relate more to Squidward than you do to Spongebob.

There comes a time in every Millennial's life when he or she realizes he or she has more in common with Squidward than with Spongebob.

It's okay; no one is that peppy and constantly happy.

And tbh, Squidward is on fleek like 99 percent of the time.