31 Ways To Determine Whether Or Not Someone Has Become Toxic To Your Life

by Ashley Fern

Having someone toxic in your life is never a good thing. It affects nearly every aspect of your being, in all of the wrong ways, and seeps its way into any possible situation. It causes stress and anxiety, and for what? Why is putting up with these kinds of people something we have all been guilty of at one point or another?

You may think this person is good for you, but his or her behavior begs you to question what you are putting yourself through.

This person's behavior towards you and the effect it has on your actual relationship is detrimental to your mental health and will only get worse the longer you keep this type of person around. You can't live a full and happy life by continuing to tolerate bullsh*t.

Because these people tend to be those closest to you, it's not always easy to spot them as you are most likely making excuses for their behavior.

The people you surround yourself with have a direct impact on your life, so it's integral to your happiness to recognize if they are toxic as they will only bring you sadness and anger. Misery loves company, so it's all too important not to let negativity infiltrate your life.

After you wade through the excuses and rationalize, how do you really know if someone is toxic in your life? Well, chances are, that person displays most -- if not all -- of the following qualities.

1. The idea of hanging out with this person stresses you out instead of making you excited

2. The relationship is one-sided, not balanced

3. There's no respect of each other's differences, only judgments

4. You take this person's actions personally when you shouldn't because it's a reflection of him or her and not you

5. You become emotionally bothered by his or her issues

6. You feel a responsibility to fix his or her problems, but this person can't be bothered with yours

7. You feel worse after hanging out with this person, not better

8. He or she is jealous of your accomplishments, instead of being happy for you

9. This person doesn't support you and instead points out all the negatives in every situation

10. This person never makes you feel as if you are good enough

11. This person doesn't value your opinion even when it is asked for

12. This person always thinks he or she knows better than you do, regardless of your knowledge of a certain situation

13. This person blames you for things that have gone wrong for him or her

14. You feel as if all your energy has been drained after spending time with this person

15. There is always an aura of tension when you see this person

16. You feel as if you must compromise things about yourself in order to please him or her

17. You can't recall the last time you hung out with this person and actually enjoyed yourself

18. Instead of supporting you and lifting you up, this person takes cheap shots to put you down

19. He or she only talks about other people and their business, nothing of value or substance

20. It seems that the only thing this person brings into your life is negativity

21. You seem to be his or her backup plan and not a priority

22. You actually have questioned why you still keep this person around... often

23. You are constantly toying with feelings of guilt because you are the good friend in the situation

24. You don't want to do anything with this person, one on one

25. When you discuss this person with your other friends, they don't even understand why he or she is in your life

26. This person doesn't make time for you, the way you make time for him or her

27. You have the constant suspicion that this person is sabotaging you, not helping you

28. The advice this person gives often undermines you

29. You will never ask this person's opinion on your looks because he or she will never be honest

30. You're afraid to share happy news with this person because he or she gets competitive with you

31. This person puts down your other friends

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