The Most Shocking Hangover Cures From Around The World

With the new year around the corner, it is only appropriate that we share with you some cures for when you are hungover. And in this process we came across so many shocking tidbits of ridiculous remedies that people made way back when to present day.

Irregardless of whether these “hangover cures” are urban legends or real remedies, they are actually used and sworn by.

These the most shocking hangover cures from around the globe.

10. Eggs Benedict, USA

This is an old school favorite that originated in New York City. In 1894, New York socialite Samuel Benedict invented the quintessential morning after meal while recovering from a big night out. He asked the Waldorf Astoria hotel staff to whip him up his own creation, now known as Eggs Benedict: half an English muffin, topped with bacon or ham, poached eggs, and rich Hollandaise sauce.

9. Voodoo, Haiti

If all else fails, remember that you always have the power of the occult on your side. Rather than punishing themselves by consuming disgusting remedies like the rest of these suckers, the people of Haiti (well, those who practice voodoo anyway) follow a different path and punish the alcohol instead. Inserting 13 pins into the cork of the bottle that blacked you out is said to remove the hangover from your body — I’m not sure how this trick works on a glass beer bottle, but I’m always down for experimenting with Caribbean mysticism.

8. Poutine, Canada

In Whistler Canada after a big night out everyone heads to Zog's Dogs for poutine or fries with cheese curds and gravy. You can get poutine with chili sauce or even spaghetti meat sauce. Coupled with Dude Beer, a pale lager made in British Columbia, you'll be back on the slopes in no time.

7. Deep Fried Canaries, Ancient Rome

Deep fried canaries were the hangover cure of choice for the Ancient Romans. The Ancient Romans loved their cheese and of course the wine that went along with it. And on those days when they sipped on a bit too much vino they devoured deep fried canaries. The small bird was deep fried simply with oil, salt, and pepper and served to an ailing upper class that had partied into the wee hours.

6. Buffalo Milk, Namibia

Don't worry we're not actually talking the milk of a buffalo here. Buffalo milk is a concoction drank in Namibia the day after a long night out and it's basically a booze float made with ice cream, dark rum, cream liqueur, spiced rum, and whole cream, all mixed up into a totally delicious albeit numbing hangover cure, as seen on the show Three Sheets with Zane Lamprey.

5. Beer, The Netherlands

It's believed by locals that a couple of beers can alleviate the symptoms of a hangover. But the Dutch aren't the only ones! In Switzerland drinking brandy with a dash of peppermint is the common cure, and there are plenty of drinks from Prairie Oysters to The Hair of the Dog shot that allegedly ease the pains!

4. Lemon Wedges In Armpit, Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans believe rubbing a slice of lemon/lime under your armpit of your drinking arm will prevent dehydration and as a result, prevent headaches. After reading the 8 remedies above, this strange ritual just may be the only thing on the list I would try!

3. Bull's Penis, Sicily

We can thank the Italians for pizza, gelato and pasta--but they did us no favors coming up with a decent hangover remedy. Sicilian men believed that dried bull's penis was the way to get rid of a hangover. I think I'll keep my headache and nausea.

2. Rabbit Shit Tea, USA

Rabbit poop tea was a common and popular hangover cure in the Old West that allegedly was a quick fix. My humble opinion? If you have to (or are willing to) drink rabbit feces for your hangover, you have a drinking problem.

1. Pickled Sheep Eyes, Mongolia

Pickled sheep eyes in tomato juice were the common cure for a hangover for Outer Mongolians.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images