See It Into Fruition: How Your Perspective Can Change Your World

by Andrea Stopa

A true masterpiece is different from every angle.

That is the beauty of life. Every moment is a beautiful work of art, and there are always an infinite amount of possibilities in each second. Yet, we often limit ourselves from experiencing a moment in its entirety by remaining wrapped up in our own thoughts or expectations. We are so lavish with worry, but so frugal with innocent appreciation.

I remember when I first started to really pay attention to nuances: the smell of hand soap, the feel of running water on my skin, the way a person looks when seeing a text message from a loved one or even the way the clouds hang in the sky at any given hour on any given day.

Have you ever looked at a Brussels sprout? The patterns on their little leaves are actually quite beautiful.

I did not really see trees until this year. That sounds a little crazy, but I promise it’s genuine. When is the last time you really stared at a tree and thought of the life force fueling its growth, or thought of how it was once a seed and how far it has come and how much it has seen? When is the last time you followed all of its branches reaching up to the sky and realized it was really alive?

The most mind-bending commonality about all of the things I began to notice was that they were always there. The only thing that changed was me and how I saw them.

We tend to think of transformation as an intensive makeover. In our fast-paced, materialistic and often shallow world, transformation is something we believe to happen when we shift something physical. However, like soldiers who lose a limb and still feel that it’s there, a large physical change is really only that: physical.

Even people who lose a drastic amount of weight often don’t believe themselves to be any thinner in their mind’s eye and see a stranger in the mirror. The physical body and the physical world are not responsible for transformations.

Transformation is far subtler; you cannot see or touch it, but in its subtlety, it holds immense power. Transformation is something that happens from within.

Remember when you were a child and everything was filled with wonder? Everything is still filled with wonder; you just don’t see it anymore. The world hasn't changed. You have.

The relationship you have with your parents is different once you become a parent because you now know what a parent sacrifices. What is the difference between a day that you feel low and a day that you feel confident? It's the perspective you take on your own skills and worthiness.

Why is that the first snow so beautiful and that tenth snow so annoying? It's all reflective of the shift in your perspective.

Rip open the pinhole you’re looking through fiber by fiber, and shed the invisible boundary in order to see each moment for what it is and create an energy and a life that you want. You are as much of a poet, designer or artist as you wish to be. Observe each moment as if it were your inspiration.

You -- yes, you -- are an individual expression of this amazing thing called life, and so is a kitten, turtle and even a basil plant. The force that grows my fingernails also grows your fingernails; it beats my heart and your heart; it blows the breeze, grows the trees and moves the ocean. Doesn’t that make you want to watch a sunset and genuinely care about it?

Transformation is not something you can see; it's something you feel. The ocean, the kitten, the basil and the sunset are always there; they remain the same. The only thing that can change is how you choose to see it all.

Photo via We Heart It