5 Reasons There's No Denying The Badass Nature Of A Scorpio

When I tell people I'm a Scorpio, most of them don't believe me.

They tell me I'm "too nice" to belong to such a sign, as if being a Scorpio automatically turns you into an undesirable, narcissistic bitch with no mercy for anyone who crosses your path.

Many people steer clear of autumn babies because they're often intimidated by the empowering and unyielding personalities they possess.

Crazy, right?

Yet, after thinking long and hard about this automatic assumption, I've come to one conclusion: They are correct.

The people who are afraid of Scorpios should be.

Through recent epiphanies, I've come to the realization I am the epitome of a self-reliant, strong-willed Scorpio.

Of course, this doesn't mean I'm a total assh*le who has no regard for people's thoughts and feelings.

In fact, I like to think I have a heart of gold. I care about people to such a great extent, it often becomes too troublesome for my own good.

What I have determined about myself and other Scorpios is we are very shielded from others.

We stick to our own agendas and goals, which often creates the facade we are selfish people.

We aren't selfish, though.

We've just learned there is no one we can rely on but ourselves.

Thus, we are the self-sufficient ones who take pride in our independence.

I've got solid proof as to why we are undeniably the badasses of the zodiac:

1. We're independent as f*ck.

We Scorpios are scarily okay with being alone.

We sure as hell won't waste time on someone who is treating us poorly or isn't going to work out in the long run.

Unlike many other people, we don't need to be attached at the hip of a significant other.

We're perfectly fine taking care of ourselves until we meet people we trust enough to let in.

2. Our goals are our first priorities.

Once we have our minds set, it's hard to steer us off the beaten path of our aspirations and dreams.

We've got tunnel vision, and we will fight long and hard for what we set our minds to until the deed is done.

In other words, I wouldn't try to get in the way of a Scorpio on a mission.

Whether we've got our eyes set on a dream, a lover or a destination, our goals are the first on our to-do lists.

We pride ourselves on our uncanny abilities to get sh*t done with little interruption.

3. We'll keep you wondering.

Scorpios are often known for their mystery and moments of deep thought.

We often find ourselves being uncontrollably standoffish, leaving you wondering what's on our minds.

We are cryptic, coy and not easily read.

Quite often, we have so much going on in our minds that we don't have much to say.

Don't let us fool you, though.

Behind our moments of deep concentration and silence, we are observing the world around us in many ways.

We just keep quiet until we feel comfortable enough to reveal our extensive thoughts.

4. We're passionate lovers.

Beneath that tough skin, a Scorpio possesses a heart capable of loving so tenderly, he or she often becomes enthralled with his or her romantic life.

This could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Once our walls come down and we become committed to certain people, we become extremely loyal.

We will do everything in our power to make others happy.

Although we do adore our alone time, we cherish the moments spent with our baes just as much.

The "bad" could arise from our undying passion when we're head over heels.

We easily become a tad jealous or possessive.

We could come off as bitchy, but it's all stemming from the adoration we hold for our significant others.

We just love love, and we take it pretty damn seriously when it's real.

5. We're pretty great in bed.

To put it simply, Scorpios like sex a lot.

In fact, we're said to love it.

Horoscopes typically objectify us as sexual beings who are highly intimate and wild in the realm of horizontal tango.

Because of our boldness and risk-taking personalities, we're open to new things (wink, wink) and enjoy highly sensual encounters with our partners.

So, there you have it, folks.

We Scorpios are intimate, mysterious and strong-willed individuals who don't need the approval of others to get what we want.

That's pretty badass, if you ask me.