16 Ways To Squeeze The Most Fun Out Of The Remaining Weeks Of Summer

by N.

We’re just about a month away from September 23, the first day of fall. When it arrives, we’ll be stashing the swimsuits (in some parts of the country) and embracing the change of the seasons. (Sorry, LA, there will be no change for you.)

But, for the next month, ignore the pumpkin spice promos, and embrace these ideas that will keep your summer vibes alive and well until the very end.

1. Don't hesitate; fuel up on the frozen treats.

Get to your nearest fro-yo, ice cream or shaved ice spot pronto, and break a sweat in the summer heat with a nice brain freeze.

2. Get sandy.

The beaches are calling, and the water will get colder soon, so pack as many worry-free beach days in your end-of-summer calendar as possible.

Boogie board, build a sandcastle and bury your friend. (Just don't get sand in all the wrong places.) And remember: People who go the beach are healthier, anyway.

3. Taste summer at home.

Don’t feel like going out? It's okay if you’re exhausted from a kick-ass lineup of summer adventures.

Revel in the last taste of summer in your own kitchen by making homemade strawberry- or lemonade-flavored popsicles or ice pops. You can even mix in some liquor, if you like.

4. Float on the water.

Whatever body of water is nearest, whether it's a pool, lake, ocean, river or mountain stream, get out on the water and take a nice long float. Tip: You might want to tie yourself to a tree or sink an anchor.

Floaters have been known to doze off and wake up in a marsh.

5. Cherish the seasonal flavors.

Your neighborhood grocery store might be stocked up year-round, but some of your all-time favorite fruits and veggies are in their prime right now.

Get to a farmer’s market, and indulge in the fresh tomatoes, peaches, corn and fresh herbs.

6. Groove and dance outdoors.

There’s still time to listen to live music at outdoor venues across the country. Whether it’s the last Twilight Concert in Santa Monica, Red Rocks Summer Concerts in Denver or the Central Park Summer Stage in NYC, get there now!

7. Take one final adventure.

Still itching to get out and explore? Venture to the great outdoors, or take a weekend trip. Whether you're exploring a new city or embracing a quiet retreat, both will satiate that summer travel craving.

I’d recommend some SUPing (stand-up-paddleboarding), berry picking or a long hike in the mountains.

8. Or take a staycation.

Staycations can be the best vacation you’ve ever been on. Book a hotel, an Airbnb or an eco-lodge right in your own backyard. The dichotomy of being right next to what you call home while on vacation is oddly refreshing.

9. Kiss someone.

Maybe it’s your SO or someone new, but do it just because the weather is beautiful, you're buzzing off some craft brew, and your summer was awesome.

10. Drink the frozen elixir.

If it’s a nice margarita that suits your summer personality, get out there a have a few with your besties. You can also hop on the summer trend of boozy slushies and make new friends real quick.

11. Adopt a new friend.

I know countless Millennials who are on the brink of adopting their first kitten or puppy. There’s no better time than the end of summer to get a new BFF who will warm your heart year-round.

Note: Only get a new BFF if you can actually take care of said BFF.

12. Take a long drive on the open road.

If you haven’t already taken your summer road trip, roll the windows down and crank some tunes on your way to wherever. Californians, this is the perfect time to trek up PCH to the cliffs of Big Sur.

13. Enjoy the classics.

For all the literature lovers out there, or anyone who enjoys the stage, find an outdoor reading or play near you to hear the classics in a modern setting. Shakespeare in the Park lasts through September, as do Poets in the Garden events and literary festivals.

14. Grill!

Grilling just doesn’t feel the same when it’s not summer. Throw a block party (or an apartment complex party), and toss whatever feels right on the gridiron, while savoring that incredible scent.

15. Laugh all night.

You can bet there’s some stand-up comedy in your area you don’t know about. Hop on over to a show, and laugh through the night to distract you from the impending end of the best season of all.

You can also check the tour schedules of your favorite comedians; they might be headed your way real soon.

16. Scavenger hunt your own city.

What's the best feeling ever? Stepping outside at 10 pm to a perfect 70 degrees. Grab your friends, and set up a night-time scavenger hunt through your favorite bars and dance floors of your city.

Winners drink for free next weekend, if they remember they won.

Now, go use these tips, and remember you have a three-day weekend soon. Bid summer adieu with a Labor Day bash.