6 Reasons Sagittarius Is The Most Generous Sign Of The Zodiac

by Kelsey Wynne

Sagittarius season is currently in full swing, and I couldn't be more excited.

I am not a Sagittarius, but I do share the element of fire with them.

My friends born under this star are some of my favorite people.

It's the time of year for family, friends and togetherness, which explains the many positive attributes the Sagittarius has to offer.

This sign is forever seeking knowledge and constantly growing, and as a result, has many loyal followers.

This is all the more reason the Sagittarius is the most generous of the zodiac signs.

1. Sags are optimistic, and they are known to share their positivity with those around them.

It can be difficult to move past a negative situation.

But Sags are able to shine a light on dark situations.

For that, they are loved by many.

2. Sags want their friends to be happy and often go above and beyond to make their circle feel loved.

They are fearfully independent, and their unwavering generosity draws people to them.

They are always there when you need someone to talk to, and they're the best people to call when you need a friend at 3 am.

Having a Sagittarius in your corner is a sure way to find a friend for life.

3. Sags are all about action and adventure.

While they are independent in nature, they make an effort to include others in their escapades.

Being around this zodiac sign equates to never feeling left out in a crowd, which is all the more reason to never let your Sag go.

They like to include others and share the spotlight, which is a major plus if you tend to be shy in an unfamiliar setting.

4. This zodiac sign is filled with truth seekers.

They crave honesty, and as a result, they are rarely known as liars.

Since they are so trusting, they tend to shut people out the moment they find out they're being dishonest.

You should take it personally.

Sags are generous with their trust and time, but don't take them for granted.

5. Sags tend to think of themselves as royalty.

Because they're also generous, their love for expensive things typically gets shared among friends and family.

They aren't pushovers by any means, but they do believe those close to them deserve to feel like royalty as well.

6. People born in this zodiac sign are protective of their families.

Sags understand the importance of having close-knit relationships with their families, so going home is always a blessing.

They strive to always make their families feel loved and wanted.

They're active with family get-togethers, and they can usually be found around their mothers at the dinner tables.

They understand that without a solid support system, life wouldn't have quite the same spark.

Sags are arguably the warmest of all zodiac signs, and their generosity plays a huge role.

They give time to friends and family without the need for favors in return.

The downfall of the sign's generosity is Sags tend to be taken advantage of often.

Because they are trusting and have such big hearts, they are sometimes seen as naive.

Sags must remember to take the time to tend to themselves and not let others walk all over them.

There's nothing wrong with being generous or having a big heart, but not everyone deserves this kindness.