10 Reasons Sagittarians Are The Most Grounded People You Can Learn From

by Anya

Although many don't have faith in the power of astrology, I believe a person's astrological sign says a lot about his or her characteristics.

As someone who has Sagittarius friends and family members (and being one myself), here are a few learnings about the unpredictability of this exhilarating and complex sign:

1. They have a glass half-full mentality.

Sagittarians will never see any situation through a glass half-empty lens.

Despite the matter at hand, they like to see the future as an opportunity, not a difficulty or obstacle.

2. They are eternally optimistic.

Sagittarians will always stay idealistic about the future.

They tend to find an underlying hope, no matter what.

Many lean on Sagittarians during hard times because they know they will help see the brighter side of every situation.

3. They have childlike curiosity.

Despite their age, Sagittarians always maintain a sense of childlike wonder for the world.

At 55, my dad still surprises me with his discoveries and observations unlike anyone else.

He has a way of maintaining a balance of wisdom and wonder that inspires me to keep pushing forward, especially through hardships.

It keeps me excited about what's ahead as I grow older.

4. Every situation is a double-edged sword.

This makes it extremely difficult when it comes to decision-making for Sagittarians because there's an upside and downside to every situation.

They mull everything over, over and over again.

But at the end of the day, they're known to always follow their hearts, even if it takes a sh*tload of confused deliberation.

5. They meet you halfway.

Normal human instinct is to immediately dismiss unfamiliarity, but Sagittarians tend to keep an open mind, rather than judge from the get-go.

They put themselves in others' shoes.

A Sagittarius will do everything in his or her power to meet others halfway, even when there's difficulty finding common ground.

6. Everything is a huge deal.

They don't take things lightly when it comes to relationships, friendships or even casual encounters.

Even if something isn't at all a big deal, they tend to take things personally.

The upside is a Sagittarius' hypersensitivity can lead to a deeper and more philosophical approach to life.

7. Their unpredictability will shake up your life.

One minute, they're making a 180-degree career change, and the next, they're on to some ridiculous hobby that makes some ask, “WTF?”

Their spontaneity, however, keeps them worldly and exciting to be around.

This unpredictability is one of their most invigorating characteristics, although it may be frustrating to those who prefer to have a plan.

Regardless, they'll shake up your world and help you see life from a different perspective.

8. They'll admit they may never find themselves, and they're okay with it.

Sagittarians are constantly on the lookout for their passions, which always keeps them and those close to them on their toes.

It's of utmost importance for Sagittarians to consistently be their best selves, and they find this by constantly dabbling in multiple interests simultaneously.

9. The only way they learn is by playing with fire.

No matter how much advice Sagittarians may seek, they're still going to do things their way.

Sometimes, this is deemed unfortunate because they get burned more times than not.

10. They'll philosophize their way through life.

Playing with fire doesn't always result in a negative outcome.

The wisdom gained from mistakes made brings out the philosopher in a Sagittarius.

It gives Sagittarians the unique opportunity to share their learnings with others to help them through the hard times.

It's no surprise that a famous philosopher like George Santayana was a Sagittarius.