7 Red Flags Your Friends Are Way Too Involved In Your Relationship

Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

We are never going to stop needing our friends in our lives. They get us through those trying times in relationships, and they should be front and center for all of the incredible times as well. Sometimes though, we get so incredibly close to our friends that the lines of privacy and inclusion when it comes to our relationship get a tad blurred. There are signs your friends are ruining your relationship, and you may be overlooking them.

Of course we want our friends to be there for moral support and rooting for us and our relationship, but in a healthy, functional way. When your friends are too involved in your relationship, it affects you and your partner. It can also put a damper on the friendship. You two should be dating each other; not you, your partner, and your friends.

It may sound a bit harsh, but if you want to continue down the road of a fulfilling relationship, you have to catch these things before they get any worse. Most of these signs can be solved with a little debriefing on what a friendship should and should not be doing to your relationship. If your friends are overly involved in your relationship, they're most likely illustrating a few of these red flags.

1. They Try To Speak On Your Behalf

In grade school, it was cool if your friends stood up for you. In your relationship, your friends should not be some sort of messenger of things you want to say to your partner. It's just plain awkward and you can speak for yourself.

2. They Keep Tabs More Than You

If your friend is constantly telling you what they saw on your bae's Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, they're doing too much. Not only is social media a shallow way to keep tabs on someone, but it's a little bit creepy. Your friends shouldn't be constantly running surveillance on your relationship, especially if that's not something you're at all worried about.

3. They Slyly Invite Themselves To Your Dates

Look, we love our friends, but most dates should be for the two of you. If your friend somehow always manages to pop up or invite themselves to your outing, it's time to whip out the personal space lecture. Someone's gotta draw that line.

4. They Overanalyze Every Argument

Again, we talk to our friends about the good, the bad, and the ugly. But your friends shouldn't be putting negative thoughts in your head after they dissect every detail of a small argument you may have had with your partner. Actually, you shouldn't even be giving them the leverage to be able to negatively influence your thoughts about your relationship.

5. They're Never Satisfied With Info You Share

Not every detail of your relationship should be up for grabs. Your friends shouldn't be constantly asking you for more and more information about your relationship when you've shared all you're comfortable with. Are these your friends or are you being cross-examined and judged by a jury of peers?

6. Their Outside Convos Are About Your Relationship

If your relationship is always the topic of conversation among your friends, even when you're not around, they're way too invested in it. Yes, you're flattered, but if you sit down and think about it, it's borderline bizarre. There are millions of topics to discuss, so your relationship shouldn't always be their go-to.

7. They Don't Allow Your Sex Life To Be Private

Yes, we may indulge a little bit on what our sex is like in our relationship, but it shouldn't be a situation where you feel pressured to talk about it. If it's private, let it remain private. Your friends shouldn't be probing you for details they don't necessarily have the right to know. Keeping our friends close is important, but there are boundaries that shouldn't be crossed when it comes to your relationship. A good friend knows where to step in and when to just let you do your own thing.