10 Signs You're Ready To Drop Everything And Have An Adventure

by Gigi Engle

It was a very old, very seasoned Bilbo Baggins who first said, “I think I’m quite ready for another adventure.”

He’d seen enough of his immediate surroundings and was ready for an entirely new environment. He’d had enough excitement. He was finished with his current life and prepared for a completely different experience.

If Bilbo’s words ring true, you know that you are also quite ready for another adventure.

You are so over it that you need a new way to say you’re over it. Everything in your world is stale. Your relationships have become more work than they’re worth.

You don’t remember what it feels like to have fun anymore.

You can't stand your life anymore. You want a new job, new friends and a new boyfriend. Everything sucks. Everyone sucks. You’re in a constant state of snooze. Everything around you feels like it's flatlining.

You just want to uproot your entire life and start over. You want to get a new number and never again speak to anyone you know. You want to abandon your reality. You need a glass of wine just to make it through the day.

Every single time you look at your life, you can’t help but think, “Wow, I think I am QUITE ready for another adventure.”

1. Nothing excites you anymore.

You are constantly wondering WTF you are doing with your life. Things that exhilarated you barely register on your radar now. You feel like you’re losing your passion. You're never aroused.

You’ve lost your gung-ho attitude. You used to put your heart and soul into everything, and now you’re just wondering where the hell you used to get that energy.

2. Everyone annoys you.

You enter every social situation already annoyed and pissed off. You don’t even try to like people.

The sound of their voices makes you legitimately want to punch them in the face. People are extremely irritating.

The only joy you get comes from letting people know how f*cking irritating they are.

The biggest compliment you give people is that you don't hate them.

3. You’re sick of being treated like you’re invisible.

It really seems like there's an inside joke that no one has let you in on. And it feels like you're the joke. People hardly acknowledge your existence.

You feel underappreciated for your work, which suffers in response. It’s a horrifying Catch-22.

No one remembers your birthday or notices your projects. You feel irrelevant, but being irrelevant will never suit you.

4. You spend more time looking for a new job than doing your current one.

You wake up for work and are immediately overcome with a sense of dread. Finding a new job has become your top priority.

Though you have a number assignments to complete during the day, you neglect them in order to search the depths of the Internet for new employment.

You want a completely different career -- one that's the complete opposite of what you're doing now.

5. Home doesn’t feel like home anymore.

Your city is suffocating you. Your apartment is suffocating you. Your life is suffocating you. You feel homesick in your own home.

You have nostalgia for a place that you haven’t even left. Your wanderlust is eating away at your soul. You need to escape.

6. You go out alone a lot.

Considering that everyone else is completely insufferable, you find that you are regularly a party of one. You have no interest in seeing anyone else. You alone are the only person you can tolerate.

The one thing you want to do is go out and meet a totally new group of people and do away with the old ones who make you want to die when they open their mouths.

7. You self-sabotage.

You’re so profoundly bored that you start to set fire to every good, stable thing in your life. You start fights with your partner, your friends and your family.

Since you’re deeply unhappy, you force everyone around you to share in your unhappiness. Misery loves company. Once you’re proactively ruining your own life, it’s probably time for a new adventure.

8. You’re looking at travel porn more than actual porn.

You’re spending literally all of your free time exploring travel blogs and lusting over photographs of places you’ve only dreamed of visiting.

You would literally rather plan trips than have sex. But who needs sex at home? If you go on a trip, you can have vacation sex!

9. You don’t even remember what being happy is like.

You are grumpy AF. You don’t even remember the last time you were happy. Everything in your life is just so ... blah. Dissatisfaction radiates from the core of your being.

If your life isn’t making you happy, it’s just not even worth it.

10. There are no more challenges.

Everything in your routine seems monotonous. While were once so stimulated by your environment, you can barely keep your eyes open now.

When you’re not being challenged, your brain feels like it’s turning into mush. You feel like the main character from “Office Space” ... pre-hypnotization.