If You Don't Quit These 5 Habits Before College, You Won't Be Truly Happy

From a young age, we learn college is seriously the place to be.

We saw beautiful campuses on our favorite TV shows, read about them in books, and watched sorority life in our go-to chick flicks.

Even as kids, we always thought college looked chill AF. And it is, for the most part.

College is also a lot of hard work and a lot of figuring out exactly who you want to be when you become a fully functioning adult.

If you're heading to college this fall, make any stresses that come with freshman year easier on yourself. If you're still doing these five things by the time you head off to school, the year's going to be a lot more difficult to slay it.

1. Not Studying

Jazmin Quaynor/Unsplash

I hate to break it to you, but I will: The high school workload was smooth sailing compared to college.

Don't go into college tricking yourself into believing that since you never had to study in high school, you can do the same in college.

Trust me, as you go on, you can alter your study plans and find what works for you. But until then, put in the work.

2. Being Hard On Yourself

Arriving at college puts you in a new environment you've never been in before. Suddenly, you're surrounded by more people your age than ever, and your parents are nowhere in sight.

Take a deep breath, and push past any negative thoughts that are bringing you down. It's important to remember if you're working your butt off, you're doing the best you possibly can.

3. Living In The Past

College will be a struggle for you if you leave your heart behind in your hometown.

Instead of solely focusing on your hometown life, let go, and embrace your new one. If you don't,  you'll hold yourself back, and regret not living in the moment and making the most of your current lifestyle.

4. Staying Inside Your Comfort Zone

When you go off to college, it's fun to take some risks and live life on the edge.

Refusing to doing anything outside of your comfort zone may only hold you up, and ultimately lead to you feeling unhappy with your school and the friends you've made.

5. Having Someone Else Clean Up After You

Gabriel Beaudry/Unsplash

Once you're at college, there's no one around to pick up your dirty laundry and clean your dishes. My advice? Stop relying on mom and dad ASAP.

It's time to get used to packing a lunch, cleaning your space, and doing your laundry before you're completely on your own.