It's An Art: 5 Reasons The Pregame Will Always Beat The Party

by Drew Carrick

It’s 2 pm on a Sunday, and you pop a couple of Advils in your mouth and throw them back with some bathroom sink water.

What's worse than the headache and overall nausea is the fact you have literally accomplished nothing all day, and tomorrow is Monday.

You think hard about last night; it gives you a headache.

You lie on your back in your bed, take a deep breath, let the Advils kick in and try again.

What happened last night?

Oh, that’s right.

You blew $150 at the bar buying shots, only to leave immediately after because for some reason, there are no trains that run between 1 and 4 am.

You didn’t get with any girls because face it: You never actually get with any girls you meet at the bar.

You realize none of the expectations you had going into the night actually came true.

After several weekends of this repeated cycle, you start to realize something.

Your favorite part of the night is before the night even starts.

You check the facts, rerun the logic in your head and finally conclude the best part of the night is the pregame.

What about the pregame makes it the best part? I’m glad you asked.

1. The excitement is real.

Before the night begins, you send out a group text to the squad to find out the plans for the evening.

You find out some people you haven’t seen in a while are coming out that night, so you are pumped to see them again.

It’s about to be the all-admired Saturday night, everyone’s favorite part of the week.

You got amped up working out earlier in the day, and you are ready to take on the night.

You run around picking out what you want to drink, what you want to wear and how you’re getting to the party.

There is nothing more exciting than a night about to get underway.

Everything is in front of you, and sometimes, the tease is the most exciting part.

2. It is much cheaper.

And when I say cheaper, I mean it costs almost nothing.

I can go to the local bar to try to fight my way onto the dart board, pay $8 for a beer plus tip and sweat my clothes off because the air conditioning isn’t working in the building.

Or, I can pick up a 12-pack at 7-Eleven for $8 plus tax, set up the dart board in my basement and enjoy playing whatever music I want in the comfort of my own home.

I’ll often have all my friends over to pregame, and when it’s time to go, we’ll decide to stay because we would just be paying more money to do the exact same thing we are already doing out at a bar.

3. Anything can happen.

It’s true; the possibilities are endless.

At the pregame, you haven’t gone out yet and blown it with every girl you've tried to pick up.

You haven’t tried to fight the bouncer and gotten kicked out of the venue.

You haven’t spilled your $12 drink all over your favorite shirt and had to wear it soaked the rest of the night.

At the pregame, the future is a dream where anything can happen.

As far as you are concerned, it is going to be the best night ever.

You’re going to slay it on the dance floor, bring home the best looking girl and forever remember the night as legendary.

The excitement cultivates into a joyous hype of happiness about what the evening ahead may bring.

4. Bonding with people is possible.

Everyone at the pregame has a reason for being there, even if it is a third-connection mutual friend.

When you are at the pregame, you have a reason to talk to people you don’t know because it isn’t awkward if you introduce yourself.

I mean, you are all at the same party, aren’t you?

When you get to the bar, everyone except the especially outgoing friends stick together and mainly talk to the people they already know.

At the pregame, you have a much better chance at getting to know someone new and bond on a deeper level.

Most of the time, you see the chemistry between two people click at the pregame.

By the time you all head out for the night, you already know what’s going to happen from there.

5. You can actually have fun.

Yes, some bars have darts or pool, but usually there’s a long line and it's overly crowded.

At the pregame, you can make a new friend playing flip cup, make a new enemy playing slap cup or enjoy unleashing your inner Kobe playing beer pong.

You aren’t going to get the chance to have this much fun when you are out, probably because you are going to spend half an hour waiting in line to buy an overpriced drink.

Sure, some venues can offer a good time, but you aren’t going to get a chance to showcase all the skills you learned in college from years of partying when you are out on the town.

Now don’t get me wrong; it is definitely possible to have a great time when you are out with a good group of people, but again, the key is the people you are with, not the place you are at.

No matter where you go, it is always going to come down to the friends you have around you.

So maybe next time when you and your crew can’t decide where you want to go for the night, just let the pregame ride its way out.

You never know; when you are pregaming and the whole night is in front of you, anything is possible.