4 Ways To Refine Your Post-College Holiday Party Etiquette

by Jessica Oaks

Hey there, recent college grad.

If you’re enduring slight post-college depression, you’re not alone, and these upcoming holidays may make you miss the days of throwing back shots of Rumple Minze and chasing straight from the Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup bottle even more.

Well, young grasshopper, it’s time to sack up, grow up and put on your adult party pants for what grownups look forward to all year long: the annual holiday party.

This year, you can actually participate in sophisticated fun, which is, well, awesome.

However, there are a few things to note in terms of post-college holiday party etiquette.

You don’t want to look like a rookie out there.

1. Alcohol

First things first, this is not a slutty-Santa-doing-keg-stands sort of ordeal.

Post-college holiday parties tend to have a bit more class, or as much as possible, given the greater amount of quality alcohol that can actually be bought.

Shots of Fireball may seem festive due to the cinnamon flavor and the warm fuzzy feeling you get when they run down your throat, but this season, step it up with the big kids and drink a more “ma-tour” drink, like a martini.

Ketel One’s classic martini is the best and easiest to make.

You still get the same amount of alcohol as a pure shot, but a martini will force you to sip instead of chug, which will naturally make you classier than your college days.

2. Food

During college, pizza was like a finger food.

At the holiday party this post-college time around, finger foods will likely not be pizza.

That’s just a fair warning to prepare you for any letdown and also prevent your sloppy manners, which might be made known when you dive your little paws into the baked brie appetizer.

Speaking of food, if you’re throwing on a party this year, try to provide a little sustenance (not just the brews) for your guests.

Nothing says you can handle adulthood at a holiday party like making the Christmas ham.

You get points for using the oven and double points if you glaze it with a maple concoction. Yum.

3. Presents

Now that you’re raking in the dough (hopefully), you can afford nice(r) presents for people.

If you’re going to a party, try buying a gift or a nice bottle of wine for the host.

The polite gesture goes a long way, and it's definitely a step away from the six-pack of Bud Ice you’re used to BYOB-ing.

4. Company Party

The last and probably most important topic to cover is the company holiday party.

Many of you newbs will be attending this event of the year for the office for the first time ever.

Yes, it’s very exciting to get free booze on the company dime (because you deserve it, damn it), but just remember you do have to work with these people after the party is over.

Imbibe candy cane-laced drinks, fancy wine and spiked eggnog wisely.

You won’t realize this right now since you’re riding off the compare-everything-to-college phase, but holiday parties after college will be the highlight of your adult life.

This time of year gets the big kids in a cheery mood and creates an opportunity to make new friends who are oh-so-hard to find after the tailgating glory days are over.

So channel your inner college energy and put your post-college game face on for what will be the best party of the year.