Why Every Woman Needs A Supportive Pisces Friend In Her Squad

by Karen Schneider

A friendship with a Pisces is one of the deepest connections you can hope to have.

Pisces are the most gentle and loving sign of all the zodiac, and they will offer their whole hearts to those they care for.

Symbolized by two fish swimming in different directions (representing reality and the dream world that Pisces tend to dwell in), they are the most genuinely kind and compassionate people you will ever meet.

This water sign does not know the meaning of emotion without depth, and Pisces feels everything very deeply.

When in love, their love is all-consuming, and they feel with every inch of their beings.

They would truly do anything for the people they love.

The fish is careful not take any person or love in her life for granted.

If you are special to Pisces, they will offer their love and loyalty, and they will do everything in their power to nurture the relationship.

The true definition of a dreamer, Pisces are in love with life and fascinated by the people around them.

Having the tendency to see the world through rose-colored glasses, Pisces see only the best in people (sometimes almost to a fault).

Their compassionate nature will often lead them to volunteer with charities or organizations close to their hearts to help those less fortunate.

Pisces' sensitive hearts cannot bear to see others suffering, and they feel a personal obligation to help relieve the burdens of others.

At times, this can be a detriment to sensitive Pisces, as they take the troubles of others onto their shoulders.

Pisces believe in kindness and compassion toward all beings, and they welcome others with open arms and open hearts.

Indeed, a Pisces is a good friend to have on your side.

Charlotte from "Sex And The City" perfectly encompasses the character of a Pisces.

A hopeless romantic, Charlotte imagines the perfect life she will have once she meets the man of her dreams.

Enter Trey.

Despite many issues and an unhappy marriage, Charlotte remains committed to her relationship and seeing it through.

While this illustrates that the devotion of Pisces can be to their disadvantage in love, it is one of their most admirable qualities as a friend.

Charlotte cares deeply for her girlfriends, and she would do anything for them.

When Big abandoned Carrie at their wedding, it was Charlotte who took Carrie into her arms and pulled her into safety.

She warned Big to stay away.

Her usually sweet nature turned in an instant when she saw he hurt someone she loves.

It was Charlotte who convinced all the girls to take an impromptu vacation to Mexico to cheer Carrie up after the wedding disaster.

Charlotte was even the one who managed to bring a smile back to Carrie's face after that traumatizing event. (Granted, she sh*t her pants to do it, but hey, whatever works.)

Ever the protector, Charlotte went into labor after running into Big, cursing the day he was born for having hurt her friend so deeply.

Lesson learned.

Never hurt the people Pisces love. They will make you sorry you did.

Pisces feel others' pain as though it were their own.

Breaking up with your boyfriend?

Hate your job?

Just stubbed your toe?

Pisces will be the support system you need.

They will always be your shoulder to cry on, and they will likely cry along with you.

Pisces will selflessly stand by your side, no matter the trouble.

They are the best support system one could ask for.

Pisces are known for their dreamy, loving and compassionate qualities.

It's no surprise all Pisces friends are the best friends you can have in your life.