Pillow Talk: What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Personality

by Ashley Fern

Your sleeping habits and positions can say a lot about your personality. Nearly all people have experienced an awful night's sleep that has drastically affected how they felt throughout the next day.

So it only makes sense that your sleep positions would speak volumes about your personality -- on those nights you can't get comfortable and when you sleep like a baby.

There's been so much research by a variety of professors to shed light on this, too.

Professor Chris Idzikowski, the director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, found most people don't change their sleeping positions throughout their lives.

Of all of the people he conducted research on, he found only 5 percent who said they slept in a different position every night.

Idzikowski's research even went so far as to attribute health benefits and risks to certain positions, finding,

Lying down flat means that stomach contents can more readily be worked back up into the mouth, while those who lie on their back may end up snoring and breathing less well during the night.

So what does your sleep position say about you? Well...

The yearner

This position is exactly what it sounds like: You're lying on your side with your arms outstretched in front of you, aka yearning for something.

If this is the position you most often find yourself sleeping in, you're most likely suspicious and somewhat cynical about things.

But on the bright side, you're open-minded and the type of person who sticks to your decisions.

The soldier

Having trouble thinking imaging this position in your head? Picture a toy soldier: on your back, stick straight with your arms at your sides.

People who find themselves in this position tend to be reserved and keep to themselves. They're also known to hold people to high standards.

Although this isn't one of the more popular sleeping styles, people have often claimed they get the most sleep this way.

The fetal position

You're rough around the edges, but a softy at heart who sometimes needs the protection of others.

At night, you curl up into a ball like you're protecting yourself and you keep your knees to your chest, huddled together.

It may seem like an uncomfortable way to bend your body, but this is probably the most common kind of sleeper.

Doesn't this speak volumes about society as a whole?

The starfish

Do you find you sleep completely sprawled out without a care in the world? Well, chances are you make a great friend and listener if this is your go-to snooze move.

Your friends come to you with their problems and you have no issue keeping them secret.

You typically don't enjoy being the center of attention, but from time-to-time, you really don't mind finding yourself there.

The log

You find yourself passing out straight like a log night after night. This is the only sleep position to scream "social butterfly."

You're easy-going, popular and an overall friendly person. Your carefree nature is what draws people to you, even if you sleep like a stiff log.

The stargazer

The name of this sleep style perfectly describes the people who pass out in this position, too.

People who sleep on their backs with their arms wrapped above their heads tend to carry a happy-go-lucky attitude throughout life.

Even more impressive, these sleepers make their friendships top priority and will do whatever they can to help those closest to them.

The thinker

It doesn't matter which way you curl up because your hand is always resting on your chin. Similar to the fetal position, your emotions often vary between two extremes.

The free faller

You pass out in a carefree manner, lying on your front with your arms wrapped around your pillow, neck tilted to one side.

Many people can't fathom sleeping on their stomachs, but this is something you've only perfected over the years.

So what does this say about the type of person you are? You tend to shy away from absurd situations because you don't have a very thick skin for this kind of stuff.

Pillow hugger

I'm sure you can guess what these types of sleepers are like when it comes to their relationships.

Pillow huggers value close personal bonds, their family, friends and especially their relationships over everything else.