People Are Calling Out This Bride Who Wants Friends To Bid To Be Her Bridesmaids

For most people, choosing your bridesmaids has become rather traditional. You gather the women in your life closest to you, and ask them one very special question: "Will you be my bridesmaid?" It turns out, that's certainly not the way all brides pop the question to their girlfriends.

Recently, a bride took the internet by storm by deciding to pick her bridesmaids in a very non-traditional way. The bride's sister took to Reddit to let all of us in on the lowdown. Though the original Reddit post has since been removed, both the sister's and Redditors' comments remain.

According to Marie Claire, the bride is requesting her friends "bid" to be one of her bridesmaids. Even her potential maid of honor has to go through the same process (yes, you read that right). The six coveted spots will go to the highest bidders. The sister revealed the bride has sent out dozens of invites to women to take part in the auction.


The bride's sister included in her Reddit post,

My sister is kind of shallow (bet you'd never have guessed, right?) and mainly only associates with rich people, or more accurately people with rich families since none of these young 20s girls have ever held a job in their life unless it's at their parents' investment firm. So most of the people she sent these to have the money for this kind of thing. But I know she also sent a few to older friends of hers, like from high school or earlier, who she's not only lost touch with as they got older but also were from lower income backgrounds. She has no awareness about how inappropriate it is in many ways.
Petr Ovralov/Unsplash

And where is all of this cash going, anyway? According to the bride's sister, it will go toward the couple's wedding and honeymoon. The sister finds the ordeal to be "really awkward and tacky." She wrote,

I told my sister they weren't lacking for funds because it's obvious, and she just said 'Well if they'll already be bidding, we figure we should put their money towards a great event for everyone' as though this is an act of service she's doing for them. It's totally nonsensical.

The bride's mother apparently agrees with the bride-to-be that the bidding is the way to go. The sister, on the other hand, is not handing in her RSVP to the wedding. The people of Reddit seem to agree with the sister's annoyance.

Some believe the sister should bid a high value of... $1.

And others left a few extremely practical suggestions.

Another person mentioned their eagerness to watch the whole thing play out.

Needless to say, the internet was in a complete and utter frenzy about this entire scenario. So, what do you think? Clever bride, or not-so-much?