This Is What Your Palm Reading Can Reveal That Your Horoscope Can’t

by Rosey Baker
Sara Wager

Palmistry and astrology have been somewhat intertwined in the past, and both practices even use some of the same planetary symbolism.

But there's a lot that a palm reading can offer in the way of a predictive spiritual art that an individual can't get from a basic horoscope.

Horoscopes are a ton of fun, but at the end of the day, they don't really answer the questions you have about yourself because of how general they can be.

They're more like a light conversation, while a palm reading is a deep philosophical discussion that could go well into the night.

Here's what your palm reading can give you that a horoscope reading just can't.

Predictive Answers To Personal Questions

Because the horoscope you read deals exclusively with sun signs, it's forcibly general, and it deals specifically with the time and place you're in right now.

Horoscopes answer the questions of today, while palm readings can get into the nitty-gritty questions you have about tomorrow, and possibly 50 years from tomorrow.

Palmistry can predict anything from how many children you might have, to whether or not you run into health troubles at the end of your life.

Palm Readings Get Into The Nitty Gritty

General horoscopes can get into the possibilities of what you want out of life, and they're often phrased in more general ways.

You'll often see a horoscope in the back of the paper that says something like, "If you've been looking for love, now is the time!"

Palmistry, on the other hand, uses the fingers to draw information about your will, your desires, and your personal identity to reveal information about what your deepest desires are, and what could stand in the way of fulfilling them.

For instance, each finger corresponds to a different area of your life.

The thumb represents your will and desires. Your forefinger represents your personal identity. The middle finger can tell you about your career interests. The ring finger is associated with creativity, and your pinky has to do with communication and relationships.

Palmists read every line on each finger to draw information about all these areas of your life, and you'll walk away with some very specific answers.

More Complicated Answers Than You Banked On

Palmistry consists of two categories: chiromancy (the study of the lines on the hand) and chirognomy (the shape, color, and texture of the hands and fingers).

Palmists will use a combination of both of these studies to look for clues about everything you could imagine.

So you could end up getting more complicated answers than you initially banked on.

You could go into a palm reader wondering if you're going to catch a dick over spring break, and they could tell you you're going to find the love of your life soon, but you might lose them to infidelity.

By the end of your session, you might wish you'd just read your dumb horoscope.

The key to remember with anyone in a healing profession is to know this: They are human, and they could screw up the same way any human could.

If you feel like the energy you're getting from a reading is an energy you don't like, then you should absolutely discard what they're saying, and chock the whole thing up to a funny story.

At the end of the day, nothing is better than a real-life therapist, and the practice of living in the moment.