A Pill For This: Why Quick Fixes Will Harm Your Body In The Long Run

I saw a Facebook status along the lines of, “Oh my god, does anyone have anything I can take to calm me down? I’m flying tomorrow, and I get really nervous and need something to knock me out.”

A flood of comments followed that said, “My friend takes this,” or “I’ve got some of this stuff left over.”

I thought to myself, "What is this world people live in, and why are they reaching out for pills to get through day to day life tasks?

Now, I’m not saying I’ve never taken Advil for a headache in my 31 years of  life, but needing a pill just to get through the day, or through a stressful situation, is completely foreign to me.

This then got me thinking, how many people are ingesting a seemingly never-ending supply of pills to get through situations?

Anxiety and depression are rife these days; they are two silent illnesses that can bubble away under the surface for years and break through during the most inconvenient moments.

They can truly take over a person.

But is it really a surprise these two illnesses are so rampant these days? Or have we been ignoring the warning signs for too long, and now this is the consequence?

Think about it in terms of your car. When the oil light comes on, what do you do?

Are you the kind of person who deals with this straight away, or do you let it go until it costs you major dollars in repairs and sometimes a completely new engine?

We, as humans, only get one engine per existence on this planet. So why would we drive around in our bodies with our oil lights on and take no action?

I realize there are varying degrees of illnesses, and some really do need serious medical and psychiatric attention.

But I believe, in mild cases of feeling anxious, nervous or a bit down, there can be minor lifestyle changes we can make in order to make a difference.

The classic line I hear from clients is that they are “too busy.” They are “too busy” to go grocery shopping and too busy to get outside and go for a walk.

They “work” too many hours and just “don’t have the time.”

Yet, when I delve into what these people are busy doing, it would seem they are simply busy being busy.

They are essentially investing their time into activities that give them no return, be it mental, physical, financial, spiritual or emotional.

So, it is no surprise these are the people who are reaching for the quick fixes to keep themselves calm. Their oil light has been on for a while, and they’ve neglected to do anything about it.

Mild feelings of anxiety, nerves and depression are completely normal, and they come from our bodies and souls telling us something is not quite right.

These feelings are our warning lights. They may not flash red on a dashboard, but we all know what they feel like.

We must do ourselves the favor of dealing with them as they arise.

We have the ability to make the necessary changes in our daily lives to ensure this warning light will go away, and our internal engine can keep running at its best.

So, slow down, turn inward and really explore what is going on in your life and what has led you to feeling like this.

Address the issue at the core. Once you master the art of addressing the core issues in your life, instead of treating the symptoms, a whole new way of living will open up to you.

You will wonder how you ever existed under the old programming.

Go ahead, just try it!