5 Reasons Being Optimistic Is The Catalyst To Getting What You Want

by Samantha Bun
wendy laurel

I've been a big dreamer since the moment I came out of my mother's womb. I've always seen more for myself and the world that is beyond the confines of what is in my reach. It doesn't end with me; I also see endless possibilities for others.

What makes me sad is when people become so disillusioned with life and lose faith in dreaming, so they become realists. Don't get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with being a realist. We all need to balance so we don't float into the clouds and drift away. It keeps us grounded. Though, I've seen one too many people give up on their dreams so they don't end up failing and proving themselves a disappointment.

The thing is, dreams aren't always meant to be accomplished. Life is a combination of wins and losses, and dreams are in a constant state of flux. We just need to keep having the drive to reach our dreams and remain optimistic.

The beauty of dreams is that they come in different shapes and sizes. I have friends who aspire for very simple things — a house, a car, a decent job — and these are great goals. Then you have people like me who want to travel the world, create and make radical social changes in different communities.

Your dreams are what make you happy and give you purpose in life, and that is why every single one of them is important. Your dreams are powerful no matter the scale. Here are some reasons why it is imperative to always see the glass half full:

1. Dreams give you a goal in life.

Dreaming is where it all starts. We have a vision, and from that vision comes a goal with plans put into action. Your dream might be colossal, but the bigger picture sets the little steps into motion toward achieving it.

2. Dreams allow you to aspire for more and achieve more.

When you have goals and reach them, it teaches you to aspire for more. Achieving a goal is one of the most satisfying feelings, and it expands your horizons. Even if you don't reach a particular goal, you've already made an effort to broaden your reach and accomplish something you wouldn't have otherwise. Dreams give you new experiences.

3. Dreams lead to innovation.

Most startups are born out of dreams, and those who are courageous enough to believe in their dreams just do it. Sara Blakely once wanted underwear that looked good under white pants, so she created Spanx. A girl's gotta dream, right? Then make the dream a reality.

4. Dreams can impact a community.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech started with a dream. It started with a vision of freedom and empowering other individuals to follow suit. Through innovation, companies can also create social change. This can include providing more opportunities for employment, raising awareness of a particular issue or extending their resources to developing countries. Dreams can make massive community impacts and lead to global change.

5. Dreams give you purpose.

Do you ever question life itself and what we are all doing here? I often do, and every time I get to that point, I remind myself what I envision for my life, others and the world around me. My dreams give me purpose and hope for a better future. When times get hard, I always cling to the light of my dreams, and it becomes my sole motivation to get up and keep on going. Keep dreaming, and keep believing.