The Gen-Y Curse: Why We Need To Forget About Tomorrow And Live For Today

It's all part of the human experience. That's it; that's all you need to know.

I'm so tired of hearing why I should be single or tied down or avoid engagement or whatever. To each his own; all of these things are part of the human experience.

Why give up on someone just because you feel like you SHOULD be single? You shouldn't be anything other than happy and living your life.

Taking chances is important, and if there's a person you want to take a chance on, take that risk and go all in without hesitation. If you find yourself not inspired by that person anymore, take a chance on the single life. Sometimes the grass is greener; sometimes it's just a new yard worth exploring.

Your life should be about what helps you grow and what makes you better and adds color, saturation and sharpness to your frame.

Change your aperture to let more light in, and anything that assists you to do so is probably a step in the right direction. You'll forever regret taking someone else's advice when you were inclined to follow your heart, so why put yourself in that position at all?

Taking a chance on something that doesn't work out shouldn't be looked at as a failure and it shouldn't be a regret, either. So many things that fall through end up being grand opportunities for things you never would have even imagined.

As Millennials, we have a unique take on this. So many people I know, myself included, would have been perfectly content to complacently follow a set path and take our marks at the starting line of the rat race.

The economy changed this for us. It has made us reassess what's truly important, and we've changed our point of view to focus on things we never would have considered prior.

If the "set path" can end up being elusive and paved with fool's gold and empty promises, why not take a chance on something we're really passionate about? Why not take a chance on a person who challenges your mind and spirit, or helps you live a richer life?

My life as I know it now would not exist in any capacity had Plan A not failed. But you know what? Plans B through Z is where the real living happens. They're uncalibrated; they're terrifying, but it's a gift from the universe when your plans fail.

There's no fun when there are no surprises. The roads less traveled have much more to offer. You really don't do yourself any favors by closing off possibilities.

This includes the possibility of a relationship or the possibility of being single. Be open to everything, and as long as decisions aren't made out of fear of the unknown or fear of forward motion, it's worth it to listen to your intuition and your heart.

The only thing to be afraid of is reaching your last day, your last breath and wishing you'd spent yesterday, last week and the past year differently. We can never predict when that moment will happen, so it's best to be prepared.

Prepare yourself by living your life for yourself, not for your parents, your boss or your friends. Don’t be the anchor to your own sails.

Live a life you believe in; you're the only one who has to answer to the powers of the universe when the metaphorical hourglass runs out.

Failure is a badge of bravery. It takes courage to fail, but it takes no effort whatsoever to be complacent. If a relationship fizzles out, it’s nothing to mourn and it’s nothing to regret.

Both the relationship and its demise are crucial to being a living, breathing human being. It’s better to let go of something that’s not working anymore than to be a miserable zombie with someone who is more the silhouette of former love than the embodiment of love’s truest form.

I read something once that said, "Have fun. Spend all your money. We'll all be dead one day." When you're six feet under, there will be no more opportunities, no more plane tickets, no dates on which to take the person you just met and no crazy parties to attend.

Do everything you've ever wanted; do it when you want to do it. Live for your today; you never know when your last tomorrow has been spent. It's the only way to spend your twenties, this week and the rest of your life.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It