5 Reasons Your Older Sister Never Stops Guiding You Through Life

by Alexandra Napoli

Due to the existence of my older sister, I have to admit my life has been made immensely easier. While yes, I have had to overcome my own obstacles, she has experienced most of life's biggest and most crucial milestones before I have.

She paved the road for me. While I don't always thank her unconditionally, I should. Now, don't get me wrong; I wouldn't mind having a younger sister to share fashion and beauty tips with. Maybe I could then become a great mentor to her.

But let me tell you the ways in which having an older sister is ultimately a major blessing in disguise.

1. An older sister acts as your trial and error.

Your parents dealt with her first. They experienced her childhood, teenage years and adulthood before yours. They experienced the first-time parental bumps with her.

The result? They probably have loosened their grip on you. They know you'll ultimately smooth out as you age, so certain hiccups you may experience aren't that big of a big deal.

They may yell less, get frustrated less and possibly give you more freedom. Thank your older sister for that.

2. She experienced high school before you.

This resulted in her giving you advice about classes, teachers, homework and much more. She knows the tricks of the trade, and can therefore pass that valuable knowledge onto you.

When you're stressing out over that huge algebra test, she can help. When you're choosing among the science classes you can take in your sophomore year, she can help with that too.

High school can be a time for serious personal development, so to have someone go through it before you is extremely helpful. On top of that, she'll probably experience all those scary social situations before you as well.

Boys, mean girls and drama-filled bathroom breaks between classes will seem easier to survive, thanks to her advice. Listen to her with open ears and an open mind.

3. She went off to college before you.

My older sister essentially led me to the college I attended. This could also happen for you. I found the campus of my dreams because of her.

But even if you attend different universities, you'll still have her as a one-of-a-kind guide. When you step onto your campus, you won't feel so afraid because you'll have her wise words resonating in your mind.

The best part is,whenever an unpleasant situation arises, you can call her before you call your mother. She's your soundboard, and she comes with less judgement and more knowledge of the college scene.

She can advise you on how to order your textbooks, how to pick your college advisor and how to schedule your classes.

4. She entered the real world before you.

Looking for a job? Interviewing? Trying to move to a new city after graduation? Your older sister will pave that path as well.

She'll be able to give you interview tips and show you the true meaning of business casual. When it's time to live on your own, she'll be an excellent source of information. She'll know what to look out for when you're apartment hunting, and will give you advice about what's a good deal and what's not.

5. She comes without jealousy.

Something I am very grateful for is the fact that my older sister was never jealous or angry when I benefited from her mistakes. She understood I took her advice willingly and therefore avoided the obstacles she inevitably had to overcome. She was a mentor without even realizing it.

As a part of your family, your sister loves you unconditionally. She will do anything to help you, in the same way you will do anything to help her.

Cherish that bond. Strengthen it every day, and tell her how much she means to you. Help her when she needs it because in the past, she has definitely helped you. If you have a younger sister, pass down the knowledge that you know will benefit her. Guide her and nurture her.

My older sister and I may fight like animals, but we always come back to one another. We always mend. We never break.

Having an older sister is a wonderful thing, and it should most definitely be known as such.