An Ode To The Awkward Girl Who Shies From Embracing Her Uniqueness

by Sonya Matejko

I should preface this with the fact that I spilled wine on my sheets as I casually tried to write in bed. Clearly, I’m qualified to write on this subject.

We girls — the awkward ones, the not-so-perfect ones, the I-trip-barefoot ones — must band together. After all, there is so much more to gain from life by not being perfect. It’s okay to embrace our zany ways. Shake it off like Taylor Swift, girls.

You may not be remarkable or basic or anything between. You know what you are, though? You’re a beautiful mess. You’re a tongue-tied laureate. You’re lovely chaos. You’re charming madness. You’re the awkward smile someone can’t help but fall in love with.

Sometimes, it’s better to be the unexpected fusion of greatness and dysfunction. It’s like when someone decided that pickles and whiskey go together. Or how some have an atypical (and delicious) desire to mix Sour Patch Kids and popcorn at the movies.

So, I bet you know how to dance to no music. I bet you can make someone heartily laugh without meaning to do so. I bet you make silly mistakes that you look back on as wonderful lessons.

Our imperfections make us untouchable. We beat to the sound of our own drum, and we smile at the sun.

I’d like to guess you’d be a girl in the corner of a dive bar making up your own dance moves. And you know what? I think we’d all rather befriend that girl, trust that girl and laugh with that girl, instead of the one with the perfect makeup and hair that doesn’t move.

I’d brunch with the awkward girl before the one who spends her nights posing. That goes for dating, too. Someone out there will fall madly in love with your imperfections. The clearest reason is so the other person doesn't have to tear down walls of perfection to discover who you are.

You’re just you, and that’s the best person you can be because reality is much more charming than fabrication.

That nervous laugh, that piece of hair that never stays straight, that stance you always go to after drinking one too many… someone will love you for it.

I’ll marry a man who appreciates that I just walked to 7-Eleven in my slippers and pajamas because I wanted some Bagel Bites, not the one who wants pretend perfection.

So, this is for all of us. This is so you learn that life is more fulfilling for the adventurous, the confident and the foolishly happy.

I smudge my nails five minutes into painting them. I sing to the radio at top volume and pretend to know the words. I once spilled candle wax on my face while trying to smell it.

All the disarray leads to a happier life, however, because the difference between the faultless and us is that we’re tailor-made to our own hearts.

We appreciate the error in our enchanting ways because at least we have something to learn. We revel in our abilities to rise because we’re so used to tripping, anyway.

The honesty in your telling eyes is what makes those around you need you so. Everyone yearns for happiness to surround them and you, my dear, exude it. You say what you feel, you feel what you say, and you don’t apologize for it (or at least you shouldn’t).

So, keep being you because life is so much better when you let go of trying to be perfect. Once you stop caring about it, you'll stop caring about what people think, and you'll finally learn what it’s like to live. Remember:

You’re a beautiful mess. You’re a tongue-tied laureate. You’re lovely chaos. You’re charming madness. You’re the awkward smile someone can’t help but fall in love with.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr