Here's How To Stay Healthy At Chipotle According To Nutritionists


Ah, Chipotle.

The land of burritos, burrito bowls, guac, sour cream and the place where diets go to die. Are we right or are we right?

Here's the thing, though -- as far as fast food restaurants go, not only is Chipotle delicious, but it has a pretty good reputation nutrition-wise.

In fact, our love for Chipotle led us to ask a number of nutrition experts to weigh in our burrito bowl habits, and they gave us great news: All of them actually eat at Chipotle.

Nutritionist Michelle Blum told Elite Daily,

Healthy and responsible as Chipotle may be, if you make the wrong move you can end up consuming a day's worth of calories in one sitting.

So in an effort to let you have your Chipotle and eat it too, here's the inside scoop on how to make healthy choices at Chipotle.

Go for the bowls, not the burritos.

Do yourself a favor and skip the tortilla and go straight for the bowls.

Chipotle burrito bowls allow you get tons of protein, good fat and fiber without packing on too many calories.

Nutritionist Julie Upton tells Elite Daily,

Dietitian Elisa Zied is all about the chicken bowl as well.

She tells Elite Daily,

Blum, on the other hand, goes for steak.

Not a meat eater? No problem.

Tribeca Nutrition's Natalia Stasenko takes her burrito bowl without meat.

Yup. It's all about the bowl.

Tacos and salads are good options, too.

Burrito bowls may be the most popular item on the menu (at least as far as nutritionists are concerned), but don't forget about tacos and salads.

Stasenko tells Elite Daily she gets the salad with chicken or guacamole (not both!) and the taco with chicken (or any other meat) with lettuce and salsa.

Appetite For Health's Katherine Brooking is all about the salad.

She tells Elite Daily,

How good does that sound?!

Watch the chips and sauces.

Chips are probably the least healthy item on Chipotle's menu.

Blum tells Elite Daily,

Although guac has the good kind of fat in it, be careful with it, and especially with sour cream -- both can tack on a ton of calories.

Brooking skips chips as well and is very careful when it comes to cheese.

She tells Elite Daily,

On a scale of one to 10, how badly do you want a burrito bowl right now?