Noah Cyrus' 2017 VMAs Look Proves She's Channeling 2012 Miley

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Taking a page from every sister meme ever, Noah Cyrus' 2017 VMAs outfit channels big sis Miley in the most obvious ways. Neck up, it's Miley circa 2009's The Last Kiss, with long, dark brown layers tumbling from off her shoulders. But neck down, it's prime 2015 Miley, when her style was best characterized as disjointed, risqué, and overwhelmingly pants-less.

Apparently, pants-less-ness is an inherited trait. Noah strutted the blue VMA carpet in a comfy AF-looking white hoodie, and a white hoodie alone. The youngest Cyrus continued the all-in-the-family homage with a 2015 Miley staple: black, patent leather thigh-high boots. If you recall, Miley actually hosted the VMAs in 2015, and while four of her 15 total outfits included over-the-knee boots, even more eschewed pants, shorts, or bottoms in general. Noah may be the first to have figured this out, but there's no better way to honor your lineage than to shun pants in solidarity.

Little sister Noah has good reason to lean on Miley's anything-goes aesthetics, as she's merely 17 years old and up for one of the evening's juggernaut awards, The Best New Artist. Riding off the major success of singles like “Make Me (Cry)” and “Stay Together,” the award could prove to be her star-making turn. If I had that kind of pressure on me, I'd want to curl up in an oversized sweatshirt and call it a day, too.

Getty Images/Frazier Harrison

Another requisite accessory in the being-Miley equation? Shades, man. Miley has relied on kooky-shaped sunglasses to complete outfits for years. Noah opted for red-tinted, round sunnies that match her sweatshirt's cute flower design, and while appearing quite reminiscent of John Lennon, still packed a Miley punch. And everyone knows 2015 Miley was all about the Bling with a capital B, so Noah didn't let that little detail go unnoticed. To complete the Miley trifecta, she served up a sparkling diamond choker, a hand full of silver rings, plus over-sized hoop earrings.

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All in all, I loved every aspect of the Noah's outfit, otherwise known as 2015 Miley reincarnated in her own bloodline. Present-day Miley may have moved on to channeling Elvis, so it feels right that she's passed the torch onto Noah.