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Is It Douchey To Reply 'Maybe' On A Facebook Event Invite?

One of my good friends recently moved into a shiny new apartment just outside the city.

A few weeks ago, she sent me a Facebook invite request to the housewarming rager she planned on throwing. While I looked at the invitation, I realized I might have a friend from college visit me that weekend. Also, I would have had to do some maneuvering to figure out exactly how to travel to her apartment without breaking the bank. So I RSVPed "Maybe."

Not even a minute later, she messaged me.

"Um excuse me, you *might* come? That hurts," she wrote.

I gave her my excuses. She wasn't having it.

"You are precisely the douche who responds maybe," she wrote back. "Our generation can't commit to a single damn thing, not even Facebook invites."

I was intrigued by her response. I don't know if I'll be able to go! That's the truth! What else was I supposed to respond with? Was the truth douchey?

"Is it better to reply maybe or to not reply at all?" I typed back to her.

"No, it's better to reply yes or no," she replied. "OMG, you are such a Millennial."

Was I? Was I such a stereotypically commitment-phobe Millennial that I couldn't even tell my good friend whether or not I'd be able to come to her party?  I didn't want to just straight-up lie and say no. That's worse, in my opinion. But I didn't want to get her hopes up and possibly make her buy more alcohol than needed if I said yes and ended up not being able to come.

Am I douchebag? Please tell me in the comments. I don't know.

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