6 National Parks You Should Visit If You Can't Afford To Travel Abroad

by Journey Diller

It is officially summertime, the time of the year to travel and spend time outside. However, vacations can be expensive, especially when you travel abroad. Visiting national parks tend to be cheaper and just as — if not more — exciting.

So, here is a list of six national parks to visit if you can't afford to go abroad:

1. Great Sand Dunes National Park And Preserve

This national park is located in the south of Colorado, and it's unbelievable. There are 30 square miles of sand dunes that can reach up to 750-feet high.

There, visitors are able to be active in the sand and also hike and camp on the grounds. Companies sell sand boards and sleds as a fun way to go down the towering dunes. At night, the altitude of 8,200 feet create a clear view of the stars. The stars shine extremely bright, unlike in the city.

At the sand dunes in Colorado, there an alway activities to do during the day and night, and of course, there is the option of unwinding and relaxing.

2. Badlands National Park

The Badlands are the opposite of what the name suggests. They are located in South Dakota and are miles and miles of beautiful rock formations. Every few miles, the rock formations change color and shape.

Visitors enjoy the panoramic view from the Highway 240 loop that was designed to optimize the view. It is easy to watch the sunrise, sunset and stars in this national park.

Hiking the trails of the Badlands immerse you into the magnificent color of the natural world. The uniqueness of the rocks in the national park create an otherworldly feeling.

3. Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon runs through Arizona. There, visitors are able to hike down the 6,000-foot deep canyon by foot or on the back of an animal. Visitors also have the opportunity to look down the canyon from a glass skywalk that reaches over the edge.

For a cooler activity, you can go whitewater rafting down the Colorado River. The rapids on the river vary in level, making it the perfect activity for beginners and experienced rafters. Visiting the Grand Canyon National Park will give you the experience of being in a community away from the city or suburbs.

4. Yellowstone National Park

This is another famous national park. It is mostly located in Wyoming, but it is worth the visit. There are a variety of activities to do, including backcountry hiking and camping, boating, bicycling, fishing and llama riding.

The Yellowstone National Park is one of the perfect places to unwind and spend time away from your daily troubles. There are many opportunities to try new things, relive experiences and to unwind.

5. Redwood National Park

Located in California, the Redwood National Park is full of redwood trees and wildlife-spotting opportunities. Visitors are able to watch wild animals in their natural habit. You can see the gray whale migration from the park's overlook, large amounts of birds basking in the sun on a small island and Roosevelt Elk grazing in the meadows.

The Redwood National Park is full of animal life to observe.

6. Glacier National Park

The Glacier National Park runs toward the Canadian border in Montana. Although Montana is not known for being populated, it is filled with glacier-carved peaks, valleys and the ultimate outdoors experience.

Visitors have the option of hiking, backcountry camping, biking, fishing, boating and other water adventures, and disconnecting from day-to-day life. Glacier National Park offers its own unique view in the country.

Exciting and memorable summer vacations don't always have to be abroad in an exotic location. Many of them can be found within the country borders for a lot cheaper price. Visiting any of the national parks will help you learn how to coexist with the natural environment, de-stress and create lifelong memories.