What The Movie You Can't Stop Quoting Says About You

by John Haltiwanger
Miramax Films

Ever since I was a little kid, I found the entire experience of going to the movies absolutely invigorating.

I love everything about it: the smell of popcorn, the excessively loud speakers, the cold, dark theaters that serve as temporary escapes from reality.

If you feel the same way, I'm guessing you spent much of your life quoting movies, and the most random things remind you of your favorite films. Don't worry, you're not insane or weird, I'm right there with you. It's just a sign of your deep affinity for the cinematic world. (OK, you might be a little weird, but being normal is boring.)

There's always that one movie you can't stop quoting above all others -- you're stuck with it; it's a part of you. It's almost as if your entire vocabulary is derived from that single film.

The movie you can't stop quoting actually says a lot more about you than you might think. There's a reason your brain chose to memorize that particular film above all others.

Here's what the movie you always quote says about you.

"Old School"


You were definitely a part of Greek life in college. You're a big fan of beer bongs and keg stands, and you've been known to go streaking (even when it's a little brisk out).

But just because you like to party doesn't mean you're not reliable and don't have other redeemable qualities. You're an incredibly loyal friend, and you don't discriminate based on age or race. You're my boy, Blue!



As far back as you can remember, you always wanted to be a gangster. You're almost definitely Italian American, or if you're not, a little part of you wishes you were. You think "The Godfather" was good, but you appreciate the raw authenticity of Martin Scorsese flicks, which is why you prefer "Goodfellas."

You would never rat on a friend (unless they're trying to kill you, and in that case, you'd go into witness protection). Classic rock is your favorite kind of music, and you eat a steady diet of spaghetti.



You never want to grow up; you're a kid at heart. Every time you go to baseball games you obnoxiously shout, "Run home, Jack!" and people stare at you strangely.

You love crocodiles, the sound of ticking clocks and recently overcame a fear of heights. You're extremely nostalgic and love a good food fight.

You live for adventure and love feeling alive. Bangarang!

"Mean Girls"


You were really popular in high school and kind of a dick, but karma eventually made you nice. You understand the true value of friendship and the dangers of being too superficial.

You're very trendy, but you need to stop trying to make "fetch" happen. You have a great sense of humor.

You also always wear pink on Wednesdays.



You have a larger-than-life personality, and you're a natural leader.

You are never more driven than when you're seeking vengeance. Your entire family is dead (bummer). You're very loyal to the people of your nation and would die for them.

You hate politics but understand why it's necessary. Whenever you do something slightly cool you shout,


What you've done in life echoes in eternity.

"Wedding Crashers"


You're probably from Maryland, and, we know, you love crab cakes and football. You rock boat shoes pretty much every day and are a big fan of sailing.

Sometimes, you go quail hunting, even though you don't know what the f*ck a quail is (they're decimating the grub population!). You LOVE weddings and are the life of the party.

Most importantly, you're also a very loyal friend with a big heart.

"Billy Madison"


You didn't take school very seriously and have a lot of trouble impressing your father. But you're trying to get your act together. Your arch nemesis is an imaginary penguin.

People think you're immature, but you're a lot more capable than you're given credit for. You just need a chance to prove yourself.

You love the old Adam Sandler movies but think the new ones are disgraces. Do you have any more gum?

"Mad Max: Fury Road"


Your name is Max, your world is fire and blood. You love rock and roll, explosions, car chases and wearing lots of leather (often adorned with spikes).

If there was ever a nuclear apocalypse, you'd kick some serious ass. You're a survivor. Also, you're a feminist (shout out to equality).

When it comes down to it, in spite of your cynicism about the world, you really just want to help people.

"The 40-Year-Old Virgin"


You were a late bloomer, but there's nothing wrong with that -- life is not meant to be rushed.

You're a big fan of action figures and video games (nothing wrong with that, either). You have a lot to offer and are looking for love, but you need to grow up first.

Your friends are great people, and you bond by insulting each other vigorously.

"Star Wars"


You believe we're all connected via an invisible (but powerful) energy binding the universe together. You're a very deep thinker and spend a lot of time staring off into the sunset.

You're also a huge nerd. When you're feeling too lazy to get up and retrieve an item you need, you try and fail to use The Force. You were Darth Vader at least five times for Halloween.

Your dog's name is Chewbacca. You say, "Luke, I am your father," way too much, and you think you're an actual Jedi.



You can be totally materialistic, but people still like you. You belong in California.

You're probably a terrible driver. Even though you're kind of annoying, you somehow managed to charm your way through life.

You're actually pretty smart when it comes down to it -- you just speak before thinking too frequently.



You're really, really ridiculously good-looking, but there's a lot more to your life than that. With that said, you're kind of an idiot (in a good way) but still very lovable.

People think you're nothing more than a pretty face, but you actually have great potential and might even save the world one day. You are more than "one look," and you can turn left.

"Pulp Fiction"


You understand while life is extremely complex, everything is ultimately connected.

You quote Bible verses in the most badass and terrifying way possible. You're a fan of a good milkshake, and you're not afraid to enter public dancing competitions.

Gratuitous violence does not bother you. You carry a wallet that says "bad motherf*cker."

"Dumb and Dumber"


You can be pretty stupid sometimes, but people love you because you always make them laugh. When you do dumb things, you always redeem yourself.

You wear two pairs of gloves during the winter.

You have the worst haircut ever, and while your fashion sense is questionable, it's very entertaining. You enjoy the little things in life and understand there is great joy to be found in simplicity.

"The Big Lebowski"


You drink Caucasians (White Russians) on a regular basis and love a good rug (they really tie rooms together). You're a big fan of bowling.

Sometimes, you find yourself in absurd situations and have no idea how you got yourself there.

But, mainly, you're all about chilling. You epitomize what it means to be relaxed and are inexplicably wise.

"The Princess Bride"


You believe in true love, and you'd do anything for your significant other. When people ask you to do things, you always respond,

As you wish.

If anyone killed one of your family members, you'd go on a lifelong quest for revenge. Your best friend is a giant with a penchant for rhyming.

You see life as a magical journey, and you find humor even in the worst situations.

"Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy"


You're kind of a big deal. You have many leather-bound books, and your apartment smells of rich mahogany.

You LOVE scotch and have a secret musical talent. Your dog is your best friend. You're very charismatic, and people are drawn to you.

Sometimes, you can be a little big-headed, but you aren't as narcissistic as people think. You actually care about the world a lot.