Life Is Art: How To Appreciate The Masterpiece You Were Given

by Sheena Amin

Look in the mirror and tell me who you see.

Do you see yourself as overweight? Do you see yourself as too skinny? Do you like who you see?

The reflection you see in the mirror is not necessarily the way you might appear to others.

The thing is, mirrors can be very misleading because they have become the judge and jury on how we view ourselves.

We allow our reflections to restrain us from moving forward, when we should, in fact, use them as a tool to help us become the best versions of ourselves.

A reflection in a mirror will only reflect the way you perceive yourself. You will be the one to create the image you want to become part of your reality.

If you see yourself as ugly, that is exactly how you will appear in a mirror. If you see yourself as beautiful, that is the reflection you will see looking back at you.

If you distrust the illusionary reflection in the mirror and start being someone you prefer over what you currently see and experience, your reflection in the mirror can change.

The reflection will start taking that form and shape of your new state of mind.

The reason for this is because your reflection in the mirror is not “real.” It is simply a reflection and can only reflect the underlying essence and your state of being and mind, which is the only thing that is real.

So now, let me ask you this: Where does your self-image come from? Does it come from the opinion of others or how they treat you?

Think of yourself as a blank canvas. You are the only person who holds your own paintbrush and decides how to make your painting.

You are the one who decides who you are and want to be. Do not try to copy someone else's painting because you are an original, which is more valuable than a copy.

All paintings are open to interpretation. That is as far as others can go; others can only interpret you, but they can't change your canvas. They cannot change you.

So, just because someone does not understand or appreciate your painting does not make you any less valuable.

You are a complete painting with your own talents, interests and one of a kind personality.

Your painting may tell a story of your life experiences, positive or negative, and those experiences mold your own reflection.

The situations in your life can speak volumes about the person you have become.

All these life experiences and the way you handle them are results that help you learn more about yourself.

Your reflection will help you treat and improve every aspect of your life.

By monitoring the results you are getting in every area of your life, you will be able to adjust your thoughts, feelings and actions accordingly.

Instead of using a mirror to see what you look like, try using the mirror as a constant reminder that no matter where you go in this world, you will always have yourself.

Make sure to love the reflection you see, and if you don’t love it, paint a picture of yourself that you do love.

Your greatest creation is yourself and nobody's interpretation should change the way you view and love yourself.

Every facet of your life experience is a mere reaction or response to the essence of who you are and, more importantly, the kind of person you want to be.

So remember while you paint, study and own your own image, your life is a masterpiece. You are your own original work of art.