Always Running: Why You Need To Focus On The Journey Rather Than The Destination

by Manda Jogia

I’ve always watched people race by to get from point A to B, operating robotically to execute the invariable routine and errands that rule their daily lives.

It doesn’t take much to notice the world passing you by as you stand still — or is it that you are passing the world by as you run?

My Grandma always told me, "No one has time to stand and stare," and I never really understood until I realized I was a part of this running generation, dwelling on the past whilst living for the future.

Existence becomes a monotonous blur in which each day fades into the next with uncanny resemblance. Ever felt like this? Like you are no longer in control anymore, constantly chasing life down, like you are always running late — lost, but still running.

Sounds familiar, right? Lost in our resolute ways to complete this journey, we misplace ourselves and miss the finest seasons of life. At times, I wish for the simple life.

As the world progresses and technology advances, we become ever more distant from each other, taking more and more things for granted, to one day escape, find contentment in little and adoration in much.

What if I told you that I had a simple answer to this well-known, complex riddle? What If I said I have the key to see what was unseen all this time? To feel anew each morning, observe a sense of bliss and calmness in an unplanned moment and bring your attention back to you?

Let us become observers, onlookers and spectators. Let us detach from this fabricated illusion created to become aware and awake to reality — a conscious way of living.

We are, at times, chaos personified. We have so much on our minds, juggling countless responsibilities and balancing no end of emotions. From reminders to organizers, every little detail is planned before we begin our daily rat races.

In this grand scheme of preparation, we forget that the present moment will soon pass and the time here and now may not be around tomorrow. We miss the serendipity of moments.

We’re actively missing the moments that define who we are and leave lasting impressions on our lives. We frequently fail to recognize them when they transpire, these moments of true contentment and uninterrupted happiness.

When was the last time you were sincerely happy or content? The complexity of our lives is heightened further through the necessity to share all moments on social media.

It’s shaping us into a generation that perceives the world through its own lens, understanding a primary experience through a secondary median. In the midst of this, we essentially neglect to acknowledge and wholly experience these instances.

Among the daily commotion, I find myself in a constant rush to get places, programmed to operate in tunnel vision. I dared to one day break this routine by pausing along my path.

What I noticed brought a revolutionary idea to mind: Why not try pausing?

I was enclosed amidst beautiful architecture with the sun illuminating the sky as the morning dawned. Although being awake hours before the sun rises isn’t my preference per se, to deny such majestic beauty of the sky enriched in a fusion of colors was foolish.

As I marveled in awe, I realized I had neglected to notice and comprehend moments like these all this time. While I was present physically, I was, in fact, lost in my mind.

Simple moments. The experiences. The people. The sum total of these life inclusions defines who you are now and who you will become.

They may be simple moments, but they are profound. They are moments that leave impressions on you and cause incessant ripples through life.

The secret to which we are oblivious is the ability to understand the depth and value of the present moment. Little things offer an infinite hidden glee.

Embrace simplicity. Pause; you are allowed and you owe it to yourself. Completely immerse yourself in the moment.

Marvel at the wonders of the world and the people you meet on your journey. We are the direct results of these moments; just be prepared to realize them.

Photo credit: Flickr