5 Reaffirming Thoughts For When Your Mind Is Heavily Clouded By Doubt

by Kylie Kennedy

How often do you doubt yourself and your abilities to make an impact on society at large?

How often do you feel like others doubt you and your intentions?

Doubt, in general, can interfere with your ability to shine bright like a diamond.

It can translate to a lack of self-confidence, lack of trust, insecurities, indecisiveness (an everyday struggle for everyone), hesitation toward getting involved in a serious relationship, suspicion, along with assumptions and many other factors that create unwanted negative vibes.

Let’s be honest: Who really likes possessing any of these personality traits?

Whether the doubt is living within you, or you have presumptions that others are doubting you, you, my friend, have complete control over your thoughts and where they lead you.

Are you going to let them take you to a place of happiness and victory, or a place of sadness, pity and failure? Take your pick.

Here are five extremely important things to remember when your head is heavily clouded by doubt:

You’re alive.

First and foremost, you are alive. You are living this moment and blessed enough to have eyes reading this article right here and right now.

What if you didn’t have eyes? Or, what if you were blind?

If doubt is on your mind in any way, shape or form, get it out. Get it out because you are capable of anything.

Find a place where doubt doesn’t exist and go there. Search for the place where certainty, confidence and trust prevail.

You are worth it.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you aren’t worth it. Don’t even let them stomp all over your dreams. If they do, shoo fly. You don’t need any of that.

What you need is people who make you feel like home; people who bring out the warmth inside you are the ones who belong in your life. Surround yourself with the people who are there to stay; they are your everlasting muses.

Affirmations are key. All I ask is you truly take a minute to believe in yourself. Believe in your creativeness.

Believe in your own innovative ideas that have the potential to change the world.

Make that cutting-edge dream of yours come true. It’s possible in more ways than one.

You have feet to get you there.

Your good ol’ feet are living soles. They are alive and waiting for your heart to tell them what to do. They take you where you want to go. Lead them and care for them.

Shout out to a muse of mine for capturing all forms of life and adventure via @livingsoles, a photo series focusing on shoes and feet.

It shows where they've been, where they're headed and, most of all, where they take us.

I know this might be easier said than done, but remember, anything is possible. You just have to define the possible way.

So go. Walk toward what you want, and you won't be disappointed.

Your world is in your hands.

You are the creator of everything you. Does that make sense? Anything you think, say or do will always come back to you.

If you are surrounded by a cloud of doubt, it’s time to direct your thoughts, words and actions toward feeling good. We all like to feel good, right?

Put all you have into work. Make sh*t happen. It’s about time you start feeling the sensation of what it’s like to truly be happy.

People love you, unconditionally.

You’re meant to love and be loved. If you feel alone and very doubtful that your kind of people are out there, just seek them and you will find them.

Always make time for family time. For those who have given you the world, like your mom and dad, give them your unconditional love right back.

Repay them with affection and admiration. Sometimes, that’s all they want.

As I mentioned before, encircle yourself with those who “get” you. Those people are the ones who put a smile on your face during the trials and tribulations of your life.

They know just how to defeat the agony you’re feeling, and that’s exactly why you love them.

It’s simply because they love you, too, and would do anything to see you laugh again.

When you feel hopeless, remember you are living a life solely created by you. Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Reminisce on your past and make the best of your present. Lead the way to your future where dreams do come true.

Most importantly, when life gets tough, remember to smile.